About Fi!

About Fi!

I am Fiona, from Edinburgh in Scotland. I hold a PhD in evolutionary genetics and work as a Bioinformatician. When I am not Sciencing at maximum, I am reading. I also tend to listen to audio books while I Science so I am pretty much reading constantly. So I decided to start this blog in order to share and subject my random thoughts and musings about the books I read on you dear reader.

Whats This Blog about?


I hope to share my thoughts,  provide mini reviews and discussions on my current reads. I mostly read Fantasy and Sci-fi, that are targeted to both general and YA audiences, I also love a bit of Mystery, Crime and the occasional Thriller.  Some Non-fiction does work its way into my TBR pile on occasion … basically if I am tempted by the blurb (or sometimes the cover) I will dive in and give it a go.

I also wanted to engage more with the book community. I have been hovering on the edges for a while dabbling in ‘Bookstagram’ and Twitter and mini reviews on Goodreads. I love participating in readathons of all lengths, with or without set challenges and love how they bring readers from all over the world together.  So I guarantee a good number of readathon TBRs and updates.

My Favourite Authors/ books:
Ben Aaronovitch – PC Peter Grant Series
Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot series
Erin Morgernstern – Night Circus
John Sclazi – Old man’s War series, Lock in, Redshirts etc.
V. E. Schwab – Shades of Magic series


I discovered bullet journaling during my PhD and it really became an essential tool in getting my organised in tackling my research and writing my Thesis. I still use it in my day to day life, it is also where I keep all my book notes and track all my reading. I have a very minimalist style but I hope to do some posts based of Bookish Bullet Journaling.