Rivers of London

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich is one of my favourite series of all times and when a group of bookish friends decided to host a buddy read I jumped at the chance to get to read this series again. I decided to bring back my thoughts while reading series and keep notes while I read so you can find out what it is I truly love about this series, from my favourite characters, scenes and quotes as I read. Be warned my posts will contain spoilers. I will post mini reviews on this page which will be spoiler free with links to the full post as I read them. The plan is to read one novel a month for the next few months with Novellas and Graphic novels where appropriate. I will aim to have my posts live on wither the last Friday or First Friday of the month depending on how the weeks in that month fall. Links will also be posted to this page.

Reading Order

Rivers of London is a long series with not only novels but a series of novellas, short stories and graphic novels too. I am reading these in the suggested chronological order with the exception of Action at a distance (the nightingale graphic novel) and Tales from the Folly (short story collection) which I will read when they fit better with the various aspects of the main story line.

My Posts

I will add these soon

My Overall Thoughts on Rivers of London so far…

I have said before that is one of my favourite series and it will be interesting to know how I feel once I have re-read them all. Who will be my favourite character? Which book will be my favourite? What would I like to see more/less of? Am I happy with the direction the series is going in?

I will be back to update these thoughts once I have read the series.

Have you read Rivers of London? Are you planning on reading the series? I would love to know all your thoughts and feelings too. Please keep this post spoiler free but I would love for you to join me in discussion of the various books as I journey back through them all.

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Happy Reading!