March Readathon Madness TBR

I have gone as Mad as the March Hare and have decided to participate in far to many readathons all in one month. I have four, yes FOUR,  I want to attempt.

The are:

I have decided to make one Big TBR post for March to cover all the Readathons. Therefore, as I discuss my chosen books I will tell you what challenges they correspond to for all the readathons. But first, the challenges …

What is Emojiathon?

This readathon runs the entire month of march and is hosted on both Twitter and Instagram by Chelsea from ChelseaDollingReads, Jay from TheAwkwardBookworm, Dylan from DylanTheReader5 and Britany from BritanysBookNook.

The aim of the readathon is just to complete as many challenges and read lots of books. You can double up/triple up etc. There is a total of 25 challenges each corresponding to an emoji. The full list can be found here .

What Is ReadathonByZoe?

This is a 24 hour readathon hosted by Zoe of ReadByZoe with the sole aim to read as much as possible in 24 hours. It starts at 00:00 in your time zone and ends 23:59. I doubt I will be awake the full 24 hours but i am going to try my best to get a kick start on my TBR.

What is Read-O-rama?

This readathon starts on the 3rd March, so it has influenced my ReadathonByZoe picks and it runs till the 9th March. It was created by Alyssa and hosted by various other Booktubers and is now in its 9th round! It has 7 challenges:

  1.  a book with R A M A in the title/author name
  2. a book with LGBT+ rep
  3. a new to you author
  4. a book released in spring
  5. a borrowed book
  6. read a host’s book pick
  7. read 7 books

What is the ReReadAThon2018?

This is a new readathon created by Merphy Napier. It takes place from the 18th to the 24th March and celebrates rereading all those favourites books guilt free. There are a colossal 21 hosts on seven Booktubers, seven Instagramers, and seven BookBloggers all running their own giveaway. Therefore, there are 21 possible givaways to enter, with daily discussion/photo mini-challenges . Check out the Twitter or Google doc for details.

There is four challenges to attempt:

  1. Reread an old favorite
  2. Reread a recent favorite
  3. Reread a book to give it a second chance
  4. Reread in preparation for a new release  

Each Readathon I attempt will have its own wrap-up once it has ended, and you can keep up on my progress through my Twitter and Instagram.

And now finally…..

My March TBR

25526296 (1)

Every Heart a Doorway –  Seanan McGuire

Read-o-rama – a book with R A M A in the title/author name
Emojiathon –  FREEBIE! Read any book that you want. 

This is a re-read but I just want to re-read it before getting the the third book, I also have the audio book to break up the 24 hour readathon.

31450908Down Among the Sticks and Bones – Seanan McGuire

Read-o-rama – a book with LGBT+ rep
Emojiathon –  Read a diverse book (Sexuality, Mental Illness)

Again this is a re-read before book three.

27366528Beneath the Sugar Sky – Seanan McGuire

Read-o-rama – read 7 books
Emojiathon – Read a book with mental illness rep (anxiety) 


26156203The Crowns Game – Evelyn Skye (Audible)

Read-o-rama – a book released in spring
Emojiathon – Listen to an audiobook


33828904Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

Read-o-rama – New to you author
Emojiathon – Read a book that you haven’t read yet and don’t know why/ Buddy read a book

It is shocking I haven’t read any Laini Taylor yet! i have the book signed at an Author event along with her daughter of smoke and bone series. With the second in the series out this year I need to get on to this. This is also a pick in the Booktube SFF Awards that are running a month long buddy read for this book.

26118426Ninefox Gambit – Yoon Ha Lee

Read-o-rama – a borrowed book
Emojiathon – Read a Sci-Fi book/ book everyone has been telling you to read.

16101115Peter Pan 
– J. M. Barrie

Read-o-rama – read a host’s book pick
Emojiathon – Read a book that’s older than you / Read an ebook/ A book that has been adapted.

9317452Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch

ReReadAThon: Re-read an old favourite
Emojiathon – Read a fantasy book

I also own this on Audible so i can dip in and out of the read and the audiobook while I am working.

21418013Lock in – John Scalzi

ReReadAThon: Reread in preparation for a new release (Head on is released in April)
Emojiathon: Read a Mystery/Thriller / Read A Sci-Fi

Again I own this on Audible as well as hardcopy so i can switch back and forth while working.

30237061Daughter of the Burning City – Amanda Foody

ReReadAThon: Reread a recent favourite
Emojiathon: with your favourite colour on the cover/ Read a Mystery/Thriller

23717497Vicious – V. E. Schwab

ReReadAThon: Reread a book to give it a second chance
Emojiathon: Read a book that you’ve started and haven’t finished

I got over 70% of the way through this on ebook and ended up buying a lot of new physical books and never got back to it. I was loving it but just didn’t finish. Now I own a signed copy and the second book is due out.


So far that is Eleven books in squeezed into just two weeks, yet being a glutton for punishment I have a few back ups that i might squeeze in (like today) that will also help me fill in more squares on the Emojiathon Bingo board.

Check out my my Twitter and Instagram for updates on my progress during the months and my Wrap-ups will let you know exactly what I read at the end of the month.


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