Six for Sunday – Auto buy authors

I know it is late on Sunday but I have just come across this weeks #SixforSunday prompt. #SixforSunday was created by @eenalol

Your Six Auto-buy Authors

So here are mine:


Ben Aaronovich

The Rivers of London series has to be one of my favourite series of all time. I have continually gushed about the novels, novellas, audiobooks and graphic novels on this blog and will continue to do so. They are a love story to London, combining it with magic. There are a wealth of diverse characters, packed with wit and superb research down to the most minute detail. They are just jam packed fun capers.

John Scalzi

From His ‘Old Man’s War’ series to Lock In, Redshirts and collapsing empire Scalzi does Sci-fi right. Filled with humour and the odd ear worm Scalzi’s uses believable future outcomes to explore the human condition that makes you smile. His twists just hit you in the nonchalant way they appear on the page before they leave you reeling. It is weird to say, but his characters are human. They feel real even in the far flung future he builds. I really enjoy his sense of humour and his creative use of swearing, below being one of my new favourite insults:



Victoria Schwab

The Darker Shades of Magic trilogy hooked my imagination and didn’t let go. I was swept away with the visuals and stayed for the stories. I love immersive worlds that just keep you and Schwab’s writing delivers deliciously dark story lines that have never failed to keep me enthralled. I will continue to return to her versions of London time and time again. I am, very much looking forward to her interpretation of Edinburgh and to the devilish hell vengeful will undoubtedly be.

Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor is undoubtedly the queen of lyrical and beautiful writing, in both the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and Strange the Dreamer she creates beautiful imagery. I fell in love strange the dreamer almost instantly. Her use of words is just stunning, delicately painting the pictures of the worlds she is building around you.

Christopher Brookmyre

Brookmyre is a Scottish crime and as Sci-fi writer. He has a uniquely dark sense of humour that I love. His crime books are dark and witty. Many are set in the most unusual situations that the setting almost becomes a character in itself. For example his novel ‘One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night’ takes place at a high school reunion, in a half built luxury hotel on a refurbished oil rig of the Scottish east coast! Obviously, hijinks ensue. Like all good Scots his command and strategic use of swearing is impeccable. I particularly enjoy his Simon Decourt trilogy, where the character of Simon has perfected the Angry rant monologue.

Christina Henry

Sticking with my love of deliciously dark writing, if you want to see your perfect fairy tale characters in a new light pick up Henry’s Lost Boy or Alice series. Both twist these well known characters into something new and grotesque yet perfect. Her Peter Pan is as dark as I have always expected him to be. He steals children did you expect him to be nice? Her versions of the white rabbit and the Walrus are some of the most disturbing I have ever encountered that they gave me the creeps. Henry does not hold back, as you follow her characters down those dark rabbit holes.

Special mention to Sebastian de Castell – while I currently do not own any of his work, I have read most of them thanks to my local library, his back list is now on my shopping list and I expect I will be picking them up to grace my shelves soon.

Next weeks Six for Sunday is – Authors who surprised you

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