Six for Sunday – Enduring TBR Books!

Its time for this weeks #SixforSunday, which was was created by @eenalol. The topic this week is the six books that have been on your TBR forever!

It is frankly shameful that I have owned some of these books for as long as I have without reading them. Especially as i keep adding more to my shelves while overlooking some of these gems. Maybe this will encourage me to finally pick them up.


American Gods – Neil Gaiman

I own the gorgeous special addition illustrated hardback copy and I have not even peaked inside. This book looks intimidatingly massive and even though it is 682 pages it looks so much bigger. I want to read it. I want to watch the TV show. but the sheer heft of this hardback has prevented me from picking it up as most of my reading is done on my commute. I should maybe invest in a more portable version.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

In all fairness i have started this one. I have read about 75% was really enjoying it but got side tracked (probably by a readathon) and never picked it back up. It along with the other two in the trilogy have sat on my shelves, book mark in place waiting to make it back on to a TBR. I have even read strange the dreamer in that time and loved it but haven’t returned to this one.


Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

I got the whole box set trilogy for my birthday and the special edition of the Language of thorns in a Fairyloot box – last year. This is another one I have started. I got it out of the library and had to return it due to a hold then I was bought them and I never returned to them. I honestly don’t know why as I was loving it.


Queen of the Tearling – Erika Johanson

Again I have the whole trilogy in hardback and I just haven’t made time for them yet. I have heard mixed reviews and I just need to bite the bullet to see if they are for me.


The Earthsea Quartet – Ursala K. LeGuin

This is an absolute classic that has graced many of my shelves in one form or another and is currently their in the full quartet bind up. I have never read these books but have always wanted to since hearing a BBC radio adaption years ago.


Vicious – V.E Schwab

I own two copies of this book the paperback and special edition hardcover, both signed, and I haven’t finished it (hides in shame)! I got about 60% through and hit a reading slump due to finishing writing up my PhD and never returned to the book. That was almost a year ago now and I keep putting it on TBRs and never actually getting round to it. Hopefully the preorder of vengeful I now have will spur me on to read it next month.



S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

This is such a special book. with a very unusual format. It is essentially two books in one. The first is the book “Ship of  Theseus” by the fictional author V. M. Straka – it is a library book from a fictitious university and is complete with its library stickers and stamps. the pages have even been treated so it smells like an old library book. The second is the story of two readers of this book that have filled it with marginalia comments back and forth to each other and items hidden within its pages such as note cards, newspaper articles and even a map drawn on a dinner napkin. The reason i have got to this book yet is a) I feel I will need to spend time with it to get ever bit of both stories and b) I haven’t decided how to read it yet. Do I read the whole of the “Ship of Theseus” first and then revert back to reading the comments between our two readers or do I read all at once taking it as a whole experience? Oh the decisions.


Have you read any of these? What should I bump up in my TBR? Have you read S.? How should I tackle that read?

Until next time Happy Reading

4 thoughts on “Six for Sunday – Enduring TBR Books!

  1. I got the S. book for my birthday a few weeks ago and I can’t figure out how to read it either. Instinct tells me I should read the book itself first and then go back and read all the notes and annotations, but that’s technically reading the same book twice… and am I REALLY going to ignore all the slips of paper and notes on my first reading!?

    I did like The Queen of the Tearing series, and I’m usually quite critical of YA. I wasn’t a fan of the ending (that’s putting it mildly) but I do think the journey to get there is worth reading.

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    1. I totally agree. I am thinking I might do a book diary blog post and just crack it open and read it and see how I end up reading it naturally. I might make it a read-a-long if there are people interested.

      I have heard that about Queen of the Tearling, which is why I think I am holding off.


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