September Reading Plans

After the intensity of the NEWT’s readathon I have decided to be a little more relaxed in my reading in this month. Sticking with my moods and picking up books that i feel like reading at the time. So this is not much of a TBR and more of a what I have been in the mood for lately and what plans I have for my September reading.

Agatha Christie Challenge update

As the weather is slowly starting to change from our boiling summer heat into more rainy days I have really been in the mood for some mystery books to curl up with. If reading four Agatha Christie’s last month wasn’t enough I am hoping to dive into some more and getting through more of my Agatha Christie challenge.

With an update to my progress in the challenge  (5th August) and a Christie based library haul (9th August) all coming soon September will most definitely be a mystery packed month.

Sci-Fi September

I have also had a real itch to dive into some proper Sci-fi. I would love to re-read Scalzi’s Old-man’s war and head-on. I have had Christopher Brookmyre’s Places in the Darkness staring at me for months, I am eager to continue with Sylvan Neuval’s Themis Files and Becky Chambers Wayfarers series.

There is the “Tome Infinity and beyond” readathon running from the 7th to the 21st of September that does seem a lot of fun so I might see if I can fit some of my reads then I may join in.



I am so excited to have two arcs to review this month. This first is Deepest Blue by Mindi Tarquini, which is due for release on the 25th of September so keep an eye out for my review around the 15th.


I am also going to be reviewing The Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi which is due to be released in Early October so my review will be up in Late September.

Other than these I will be catching up with my reviews from the NEWTs and getting back into the swing of being aback at work after my holiday.

What will you be reading in September? Are you joining in any readathons?

Happy Reading!


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