October Reading Plans

After the “September Slump” I am trying to get back to the books like never before and diving into a couple of readathons. I have a couple of ARCs I have to get to and there are some new releases I am looking forward too


I have been so lucky to have been offered three different ARCs which have release dates of October / early November. Keeping with publishers requests I usually upload my reviews for these approximately 1 week before they are released so all of these ARCs need to be reviewed in October.


 The Oyster Thief by Sonia Faruqi

Release date: 16th October

The Summer of mermaid books continues into Autumn with this book, I have started reading it today and I am just a little under 10% of the way through and so far it is a fascinating world set up so I am looking forward to seeing how it finishes.


Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Release date: 6th November

I was so excited to get the ARC of this. We have the start of a new YA to Adult Sci-fi trilogy! I am very interested to see how this goes and if it will finally push me into reading the Mistborn series instead of it sitting on my shelves looking at me.


Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

Release date: 8th November

We have a winter of Japanese/East Asian inspired books this year, with at least three titles published in late October/ early November, and I am very into that. Just think of curling up in the wet weather with hot spiced teas and steeping in some fantastic folklore!

Magical Readathon Charms Extra Credit

Yes another Magical Readathon! This one is gearing us up, while also filling up the long wait till the 2019 run of the O.W.Ls. This round lasts just one week from the 8th till the 14th of October.

It revolves around gaining extra credit towards your charms O.W.L next year. For every spell there is a reading prompt and for every prompt completed you earn an extra day on the run up to the O.W.Ls to put towards completing your Charms O.W.L! Complete all 5 prompts and you gain an extra 5 days.

Check out the full details in G’s announcement video 


AlohamoraRead a book that’s first in a series


Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

It is the first in a new trilogy and it gets my reading ticked off so I can get my review up.

AccioA book that’s top of your TBR


The Big Four by Agatha Christie

It was on my September TBR but I never got to it and the library wants it back soon!

IncendioWords ‘fire’ or ‘flame’ in the title/series name, or flame picture on the cover


Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Those count as flames/fire right? I am counting them. I just want to read this book!

Lumosbook with a light cover


Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan

This was another September library book that I just didn’t get to and it is about time I did.

Rictusemprabook that ‘tickles you the right way’ (exciting trope/theme/genre)


Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

I have had this on my Kindle for a while and have always meant to give it a go as I really liked how dark his book London Falling got.


Spookathon is a week long readathon that will take place October 15 – 21. It is hosted by    and new to this years round

There is a group book for this round which as well as five challenges. Unlike the magical readathon you can double up on challenges.


Read a Thriller 


Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

I bought this when I was in a real thriller mood and never really picked it up after it arrived. It seems like a good choice to reach for in this challenge.

Read a book with Purple on the cover/The group book


Toil and Trouble by Various

Read a book not set in this current time period


Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

I had to make time for this book somewhere and this seemed like the best prompt. I am looking forward to delving into this.

Read a book with a spooky word in the Title


Cyanide is fairly spooky especially if its in your bubbly! I might swap this for another Christie such as Murder at the Vicarage or Appointment with Death.

A Book With Pictures

I have not picked a book for this prompt yet but I will most likely grab one of the graphic novels I have or possibly start the new Sabrina the teenage witch comic series in perpetration for the new Netflix series later this month.



On top of all these Muse of Nightmare by Laini Taylor (2nd) and The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi (18th) are both out this month and I will want to dive into them when my pre-orders arrive.

I have big plans for this month so lets hope that my reading spirit bounces back seeing as it disappeared last month.

Are you participating in any of these readathons? What is on your TBR?

Happy Reading

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