Charms Extra Credit Wrap up

So I am having to call it a little early on the Extra Credit readathon as I am up very early for work tomorrow. These readathons are always so much fun and I always seem to read some awesome books. Personally, I managed to tick another book off my Agatha Christie Challenge,  found a new favourite I will definitely be giving a re-read and finally cleared one of my must reads off my TBR. Unfortunately, I have yet to finish the ARCs I was due to read so I will have to play come catch up to get those reviews out.

Here is what I managed over this week of reading:


PAGES: 818


5 Stars: 1

4 Stars: 2

Spells Studied/Books Read:


Incendio – Words ‘fire’ or ‘flame’ in the title/series name, or flame picture on the cover


5 Stars

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

This book caught my eye because the plot just intrigued me. The fifth of November is well known here in the UK but it is also a special date for me as its my wedding anniversary so I I was just pulled into this book. The gunpowder plot in itself is such an interesting piece of history but to add magic just elevates it to an amazing level. The magic system was fun and the different elements mimicked history with a fantastic magical twist. Worth a read! It is straight on the re-read and annotate list. This was a library book so I will have to get my own copy ASAP.

Rictusempra – book that ‘tickles you the right way’ (exciting trope/theme/genre)


4 Stars

Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

This was just a fun and funny, witchy little book. I have enjoyed Paul Cornell’s work for a long time from his work with Dr Who to his very dark and gritty paranormal detective series London’s Falling. There were a lot of parallels in his magic system to this book and Londons Falling that makes me a little convinced they may be part of the same universe. It was a great read, very British, I am looking forward to continuing the series.

Accio – A book that’s top of your TBR


4 Stars

The Big Four by Agatha Christie

This one is an interesting one, there are two official versions of this book! It was originally a series of 12 interlinking short stories that was published weekly. Then it was later amalgamated into a full length novel. I read the novelised version here and it did occasionally feel a little disjointed so I am keen to read the original format to see if that makes a difference. It is also so different from other Poirot stories I have read. It has a very high number of deaths for a Poirot mystery which i think was due to it being broken into instalments. This made it really refreshing as it broke from Christies usual pattern for the Poirot novels.


I have gained a full 3 day head start on my Charms O.W.L 2019, so with careful planning that could mean finishing that O.W.L before the official start date so I am very happy with that.

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