Tis-the-Seasonathon Wrap-up

The Tis-the-seasonathon ended on Monday and I am so sad. I had such an amazing time. It made me really get into the festive season. The readathon coincided with my beautiful Christmas tree being delivered (see below) and my work night out so it just made me feel so ready for the holidays! Also everyone’s, post and vlogs and tweets just kept me going through the long days at work.


Here is what I managed over this week of reading:

PAGES: 955


5 Stars: 1
4 Stars: 1
3 Stars: 1


Books Read:


Nevermoor: The trails of Morrigan Crow
Jessica Townsend
5 Stars
Challenges: Warm and Fuzzy

I loved this! It was the perfect read for those warm fuzzy feelings. It was so much fun! The characters were amazing and with a magical competition I was hooked from the start. Combined the most wonderful (or should I say Wunderful!) world building, with a cute Christmas chapter in there, it was just perfect for this readathon. I might have immediately bought the sequel.


A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
4 Stars
Challenges: A short book, A festive book, While listening to holiday music

I wanted to read this as while I know the story really well (mostly due to the Muppets and Patrick Stewart) I have never sat down and read it. I have to admit I am surprised how faithful the Muppets version is to the original. After I put my Christmas tree up I dived into this one and it just put me in such a lovely festive mood it was awesome.



Ace of Shades
Amanda Foody
3 Stars
Challenges: Red or Green cover

I had been meaning to finish this for some time and with its bright Red UK cover it was perfect for this readathon. I enjoyed this but it was just not as atmospheric as her debut which was one of my favourite books of 2017, and I found some of the characters/plot elements a bit lacklustre. However, I am sure I will continue into the sequel when it comes out next year.

Not included in the wrap up as I did not finish it but I did get part of the way through was The Afterlife of Holly Chase. It is keeping with the Christmas Carol theme and I am so far enjoying it. I would love to stick with the holiday theme! Do you have any suggestion for those snow filled perfect for the season reads?

Did you participate in Tistheseasonathon? What was your favourite read? I would love to know in the comments or you can find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!


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