Ten Book TBR – January

As stated in 2019 Goals to focus my reading to clearing my huge TBR pile, I am stealing an idea of Riley from rmfickfack and I am going to set myself a ten book TBR each month.

As a reminder I have set myself a few rule for setting the TBR. They are:

  • Last months Fairyloot book
  • At least one library book
  • at least one book from my Series to Finish TBR
  • at least one book from my ongoing blog projects

with the remaining being any eArcs, bookclub books or free choice.



Fire and Heist
Sarah Beth Durst

Last months fairy loot came with two books, however as one was an aditional ARC that is not out until the summer I am just reading the official book. I am really looking forward to reading this a heist storyline with dragons what more could you want. It sounds like it is going to be a really good read.

Blog Project


Sebastien de Castell

I am currently doing a count down to the release of the 5th book in Sebastian de Castell’s Spellslinger series ( See my announcement post for details). Therefore, I will be reading and annotating this book in January.

Library book


The Way of All Flesh
Ambrose Parry

Ambrose Parry is the new Pen-name of Scottish Crime author Christopher Brookmyre and his wife, Marisa Haetzman, who is an anaesthetist. I love Brookmyre’s work, he has a dark humour to his writing that is just my cup of tea. I am interested to read this both with the inclusion of Heatzman’s medical knowledge but also that it is based in 19th Century Edinburgh which at the time was renowned for its medical school. I am always interested in books set in my current home. This is due back to the library on the 14th as it has another hold on it so I will be getting to this really soon (if I have not already started it by the time this goes up).



Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo


Waking Gods
Sylvain Neuval

Another project I started is series to finish. There are 25 books on my TBR so I have selected two for this month. Like I explain in my SeriesTF2019 TBR post I have been meaning to get to for a while now and its about time I do.



The Binding
Bridget Collins


A Curse So Dark and Lonely
Brigid Kemmerer


The Last
Hanna Jameson

I have three eARCs to read this month! Which is a lot but I am looking forward to all of them. They are so varied in genera that they should add a nice mix to my TBR.

Book Club


Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Mark Sullivan

I have joined the Too Old for this Shit Book Club, which is a book club aimed at the 30+ year old BookBloggers/BookTubers (it is not exclusive – readers of all ages/online activities are welcome- from my understanding) , which focuses on reading books with protagonists that are 30+. It was founded by  and and the first book starts this month with discussions on the Goodreads Group and Twitter.

Free Choice


Rivers of London Vol 6: Water Weed

Last but I have gone easy on myself with the free choice and picked a Graphic Novel I received for Christmas, which is also part of one of my favourite multi-format series.

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