Fairyloot Unboxing – Dec 2018

I have been receiving Fairyloot boxes for quite some time now  but have never done a proper unboxing or acknowledged the different reads it has introduced me to. For those that don’t know Fairyloot is a UK based book subscription box that focuses around the YA fantasy genre. A typical box includes a new release YA novel (lately with special covers, sprayed edges or signed by author/bookplate – this is not guaranteed just a nice perk) and 5-6 bookish themed goodies.

I first received my first year of Fairyloot subscriptions as a 30th birthday present from my husband, when that finished I just had to renew as I was having too much fun with them. I have gotten some amazing items that I use regularly, and some fantastic books I have loved (and a good few that are still sitting on my shelves looking pretty, but unread). I have received everything from oven-gloves to mugs, cushion covers to candles, which have always been high quality and bookish themed! My only criticism over the past 18 months has been the volume of Sarah J. Maas items included over that time, I am not a fan but I understand that she is hugely popular and that is the risk you take with book boxes is not everything will be in your favourite fandoms.

So in 2019 I am wanting to start doing unboxings but actually reading and reviewing my Fairyloot books in a timely fashion (instead of them looking pretty on my shelves). There is no time like the present and as it is the week of the photo challenge on Fairyloot’s instagram, we should hopefully be out of the spoiler period. That being said if you don’t want spoilers for the contents of the December 2018 Fairyloot box stop reading here!

The Theme for December 2018 was



I knew instantly that this box was going to be a hit for me. How can you be a fantasy fan and not love a good dragon!

The Items:

First Item out the box for me was the promised Reading Journal by Fictiontea Designs & Blanca Montiel.

This is the second reading journal Fairyloot have sent out. This one covers the months of Jan to June 2019 with the promise of one in the June box that covers the second half of 2019. It is filled to the brim with gorgeous dragon themed quotes and art. While I use my bullet journal for all my reading tracking, I might use this for readathon planning.


Next there was this cute little pin flag by Fairyloot. on occasion Fairyloot have included pins in their previous boxes and I also have a cute collection myself this allows them to be displayed nicely! I currently have it hanging on the corner of one of my shelves. A very useful item.

This Dragon pendent also designed by Fairyloot with its glow in the dark wings is beautiful. It is nice to get items that are not completely associated with a particular book or fandom but still fit with the theme of the box. I have tried to get a good picture of it glowing for you. i was very impressed that the necklace itself is nickle free which is a big plus for me as I can’t wear nickle! (no painting the back with clear nailpolish!!!). The box it came in was also beautiful with the embossed Fairyloot logo.


Possibly one of my favourite items was this Book Sleeve by Sweet Sequels. It depicts the scene of the Dragon escaping Gringots bank in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is such high quality. Able to fit a standard YA hard back book it is soft but tough wearing. The design is just beautiful I love the colour choice and the watercolour effect.


This month included not only the book of the month but also an ARC of The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson. It has such and interesting premise that I am looking forward to reading it (I will review closer to official release).


As per usual a number of paper items were included in the box such as an author letter with exclusive character art, the Fairyloot Book mark and Spoiler card with art  by Taratjah, as well as a Double-sided Print of ‘Toothless & Abraxos’ (Toothless side pictured)  by Diana Worak.

We also received two of the new Fairyloot Trading cards (assumed as no information was given on the spoiler card) but were informed that the set of ‘Mother of Dragons’ Magnetic Bookmark Set by Taratjah was mistakenly left out of the box to be shipped early January.

The Book of the month:


Fire & Heist
Sarah Beth Durst

With an exclusive Fairyloot cover and actually signed by the author.

This is one my January TBR so look out for a review in the coming weeks.

Do you subscribe to Fairyloot? what was your favourite item? Have your read Fire and Heist? or are you planning on reading the Storm crow?

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Reading!

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