February Ten book TBR

Oh this is going to be a tough month. Not only is it the shortest month but I have been granted access to four ARCs which all come out on the SAME day, that i need to finish reading and writing my reviews for. It is also the busiest month for new releases (as most of the most hyped releases for January are actually released on February first here in the UK). So there are a lot of books I want to get to over the next few weeks.

So sticking to my ten book formula here are the ten books I am hoping to make time for in February.




Circle of Shadows
Evelyn Skye

January’s Fairyloot was lovely! The content keeps getting better and better. I will have a full un-boxing coming later this month. I really enjoyed The Crown’s Game duology by Evelyn Skye. It will be interesting to see her explore Asian setting.



Sebastian de Castell


Continuing with my Count down to Queenslayer with the second book in the Spellslinger series. This is a re-read for me but it was not one of my favourites at the time, I felt it suffered a little from second book syndrome. Will my re-read change my mind?



Tara Sim

I have been curious about this one for a while and when it came up in my library I had to put my name on the hold list. It should be available in a week so I can dive into it later in the month.



The Vanishing Stair 
Maureen Johnson

One of my most anticipated books of the year is released on the 7th and I ant wait till my pre-order shows up. I am very excited.


All of these come out the same day! and I they all seem amazing. The hard part will be choosing which to pick  up first.

The Orphanage of Gods – Helena Coggan
Master of Sorrows – Justin Call
The Outcast Hours – Various
Enchantee – Gita Trelease


There have been so many new releases and I have a couple I would love to try and squeeze in this month


Two Can Keep a Secret
Karen M. McManus

This was released in January and I have been hearing such good things about it that I  am hoping to snuggle up with it soon.


In an Absent Dream
Seanan McGuire

I have been keeping up with this series and they are usually quick yet awesome reads for me so I am thinking this would be good for the next round of #Readyourfaceoff on the 16th of Feb.

4 thoughts on “February Ten book TBR

  1. I’ve heard nothing but great things about The Vanishing Stair, so I think you’ll enjoy it too. I cannot wait to read Two Can Keep a Secret either and I am also intrigued by In An Absent Dream, though I still have to read book 3.
    I like your formula for TBRs, so organized and well-planned
    Good luck with all of these!

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