Tome Topple Round 8 TBR

Yes, I am a glutton for punishment but when two of your favourite readathons take place in the same month you do both of them!

Tome Topple is a readathon created by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes all about conquering those big books that are hiding on your shelves. It is a two week readathon from midnight in your timezone.

Saturday April 13th – Friday April 26th 2019

The community around this readathon is great, especially on Twitter and the Goodreads group which are filled with suggestions of Tomes and buddy read discussions. Twitter sprints are also frequent throughout the two weeks. There will also be Instagram challenges hosted on Sam’s Instagram.


As I have quite a chunky TBR for the O.W.Ls I am being nice to myself and only giving myself a couple of big books to get through in this round.

Crown Of Feathers
Nicki Pau Preto

This is the only book that over laps with my OWLs TBR. it comes in a little short with the UK paperback being listed 498 pages in length. I am counting it! once you include all the acknowledgements etc it will get over that 500 page hurdle.
Its not out in the UK till the 25th but April but I have an eARC that I need to get to!


Priory of the Orange Tree.
Samantha Shannon

OK, this is another one where I am flexing the rules ever so slightly (As Sam says they are more like guidelines and I am colouring outside those lines like crazy on this one). I have already started reading this one. I am currently 225 pages into this chunky beauty giving me a total of 579 pages left to read! I think as I still have 500+ pages left to read I can count it.


A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe
Alex White

This one is pushing those guidelines to its limit its a smidge under the page count for a tome at 480 pages but i got to try and fit this lovely in somewhere this month as it is the Too Old for This book club pick and I really want to get in on the discussion!

That is my really relaxed Tome Topple TBR. Honestly, I just want to take part to get to join in on the community. I have got to chat with some great readers during this readathon and I just want to continue chatting with some awesome bookish people.

So, if you are participating in Tome Topple Round 8, even if you are not reading any of the above, please come find me here in the comments, on Twitter or Goodreads as I would love to cheer you on and chatter about all things bookish!

3 thoughts on “Tome Topple Round 8 TBR

    1. Thanks, I love the community around Time Topple so you would have to set a pack of wild dogs on me to keep me away. Also I just got approved for a 608 page ARC that release may 2! I need all the motivation and cheerleaders I can get!

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