May (no where near 10 book) TBR – and my Asian Readathon TBR

April is nearly over and the Magical readathon is drawing to a close so its time for another TBR.

May is going to be an interesting month for me, I am moving house near the end of the month so all my beautiful books are going to be spending the majority of May packed away in boxes. I had therefore intended not to do any readathons and just finish the back catalogue of books on my kindle. That was until I discovered the Asian Readathon and then the Borrow-a-thon announcement was made!

We all know how much I adore the Borrow-a-thon and all my books being packed up in boxes its a perfect time to visit my local library, or browse its digital catalogue. The Borrow-a-thon takes place from the 19th – 26th May and I will have a full TBR up closer to the time.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month so from

May 1st-31st

 CindySandraChloeKav & Ellias are hosting a readathon dedicated to reading books by Asian authors/about Asian characters. 

I have an astonishing amount of books (some of which are borrowed from a friend and I have had for far too long) written by Asian authors/featuring Asian main characters. This is a perfect reason to pick them up and expand my reading horizons.

Reading challenges

There are some low key challenges associated with the readathon. One of which I have already finished and that is to read the Group book. The group book is A Thousand Beginnings and Endings which is a short story collection or retelling of Asian Pacific folklore. I read this in April, it was amazing! So interesting and contained retelling of legends I had perviously encountered and many I had no knowledge of before. I will discuss it more in my April wrap up.

The remaining challenges are

  1. Read an Asian author/MC
  2. Read an comic/graphic novel/manga/kava/etc
  3. Read a translated book
  4. Read a intersectional author

Each book needs to represent a different Asian country! 

Cindy has compiled a fantastic resource filled with potential authors and books you could read. I bet you are bound to find one or two sitting on your TBR shelf.

My Asian Readathon TBR

I am being kind to myself and after the intensity of the OWLs and with the move taking up a lot of my free time. Instead of planning a full TBR I have pulled all the books on Cindy’s list that are sitting unread on my shelves and I will be ‘mood’ reading from them and seeing if I can fit them into the challenges.

So instead of a TBR this is more my unread collection of works by Asian Pacific authors. All of these books are currently sitting on my shelves or in my kindle library and its about time I actually read some of them.

Monstress – Marjorie M. Liu (Japanese / Chinese)

Ms. Marvel Vol: 2- G. Willow Wilson (Pakistani-American)

Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan (Chinese-Malaysian English)

Invisible Planets – Various Translated: Ken Liu (Chinese)

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories – Ken Liu (Chinese)

Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng (Chinese) – borrowed from a friend (borrow-a-thon TBR)

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng (Chinese) – borrowed from a friend (borrow-a-thon TBR)

Descendant of the Crane – Joan He (Chinese)

The Library of Fates – Aditi Khorana (Indian)

Shadow of the Fox – Julie Kagawa (Japanese)

Three Dark Crowns –Kendare Blake (Korean)

Shadowsong- S. Jae-Jones (Korean)

The Girl King – Mimi Yu (Korean)

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns – Julie C. Dao (Vietnamese)

Circle of Shadows -Evelyn Skye

As you can tell I have a huge amount to choose from I am NOT in any way shape or form going to read all of these, but I will be picking these up around other books on my TBR. As I suspect I will be back to my average 8/9 books for the month I suspect I will be picking ~ 3/4 of these books up over the month.

May Must Reads!!!!

I am still slowly working my way through The Priory of the Orange Tree. I am liking taking my time with this one and not rushing it and I will hopefully finish it in May.

May is the release month for Queenslayer and you can bet your last penny I will be reading this as soon as my pre-order lands on my door step. I have been slowly working my way back through the series with my Countdown to Queenslayer and my final instalment for Soulbinder will be live on Sunday! So I am super excited and super ready for this book!

So while neither of these books fit within any of my readathon prompts I will be reading them.

While this book list might seem huge I really just want to go easy on myself and just read what I want. I might pick up 4/5 of the books I might just read one. I might still be reading The Priory by the time June rolls around who knows I just want to have a chilled out reading month.
My Ten book TBR will be back in June.

Are you attempting the Asian Readathon? Are you looking forward to Queenslayer? Do you think I am crazy and should just stop it with the readathon madness?
I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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