Magical Readathon – N.E.W.Ts TBR

It’s almost August, which means it is almost time for us to pick our spots in the common room, pile up . If you are not familiar with the Magical Readathons I encourage you to check out G at BookRoasts announcement video to get all the details.

This round runs from:

1ST -31st August 2019


This round is focused on the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests or N.E.W.Ts. As expected the N.E.W.Ts are a lot more complex than the O.W.Ls, each subject has three prompts representing each of the passing grades. The first prompt awards you the Acceptable grade, the second Exceeds Expectations grade and the third prompt gives you the coveted Outstanding.  

As with the OWLs in April I will be using the careers booklet to help me pick my subjects. I am still torn between Alchemist or Curse breaker. So I am going aim for both set of subjects and see how well do do through out the, month, as that adds up to a LOT of books. Especially as in typical Ravenclaw fashion I am aiming for Oustanding in all subjects.



A: Ehwaz – read a book recommended by a Friend

One Week in the Library
W. Maxwell Prince

For those that follow my blog you may know I participated in the house recommendations for the N.E.W.Ts organised by G. You can find my post here! I got this recommendation from fellow Ravenclaw Catarina the Bookworm. Be sure to check out her video and all the other recommendations though G’s video.


An Enchantment of Ravens
Margaret Rogerson

After reading Sorcery of Thorns and falling in love with Rogerson’s writing I just had to fit this one into my TBR some how.


Six of Crows
Leigh Bardugo

I have been slowly working my way through Bardugo’s back catalogue and after finishing the Grishaverse trilogy in June I need to get to this one, especially as I have owned it for years!

A: A Book that ends on an even page number

Sea Witch Rising
Sarah Henning

I was fortunate enough to receive an eARC for this sequel through NetGalley and as it is due out on the 8th it will be one of the first books I pick up. I have just re-read sea witch to refresh my memory and I will have a review for both up shortly.

E: Read a Standalone

Magic for Liars
Sarah Gailey

One of my most anticipated books of 2019, a murder mystery in a magical school – yes please!

O: A Book that is longer than 350 pages

Throne of Jade
Naomi Novak

I just finished the first in this series ( review here) and adored it. So why not dive into the second! I love the relationship with Temeraire and Laurence and I am sure to fly (sorry bad pun) through this instalment of their story.

A: A Book with a moon on the cover

We Hunt the Flame
Hafsah Faizal

While this has been out in the US for some time the paperback UK copy is released on the 8th of August and I was lucky enough to get my hands on an eARC. Again due to wanting to get my review up in time this will be one of the first I reach for.

E: A Book with the Word “Night” in the title or series name

Godsgrave – Nevernight #3
Jay Kristoff

Continuing on with my re-read of the Nevernight chronicles in preparation of Darkdawn being released in stabtember! This was the perfect prompt to fit this one into.

O: Read a Sci-Fi

Places in the Darkness
Chris Brookmyre’s

Brookmyre is one of my favourite crime writers but I dont know why I have been putting off his foray into sci-fi for so long. It is about time I made time for this one.

A: Mandrake! Quick put your headphones on! Listen to an Audiobook.

Daisy Jones and the Six
Taylor Jenkins Reid

I have heard this is better read in audio as it is told through a series of interviews and the audiobook is a full cast. I will happily listen to this one as I adored The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo when i read it last year for the N.E.W.Ts

E: Read a book between 350-390 pages

The Devouring Gray
Christine Lynn Herman

This was a surprisingly tricky one for me. Every book I pulled was either slightly too long or slightly too short. My copy of this one slips in a 389 pages!

O: read a book with a flower on the cover

The Ten thousand doors of January
Alix E. Harrow

Another eARC I have to get too. I am lucky to have more grace time with this one as it is released in September.

A: Pollyjuice potions: Read your best friends favourite book.

Snow Crash
Neal Stephenson

I am being a bit sappy with this choice as well this is one of my husbands favourite books. My husband really is my best friend. We were friends years before we started dating and has remained my best friend. I bought him these beautiful editions and since they grace my shelves already I thought why not read this one.

E: House ingredient: a book with a cover in your hogwarts house colour

The Consuming Fire
John Scalzi

I have five shelves worth of blue books! But this has to be one of the bluest books I own. That’s even including my Ravenclaw editions of Harry Potter! Scalzi is also one of my favourite authors and with the third in the works I need to get to this one.

O: A book that starts with a prologue

Shadow and Flame
Mindee Arnet

Another strangely difficult prompt to find, luckily this is a recent purchase for me and as Onyx and Ivory is one of my favourites of my Fairyloot collection I was pleased I could fit this sequel into my TBR.

A: Read a book with LGBTQIA+ representation

Heartstopper Vol 2
Alice Oseman

This is just too lovely and sweet and wonderful not to include!!! If you haven’t read Volume one go – go read it now!!!

E: Read a book that is not the first in the series

The Last of August
Brittany Cavallaro

I LOVED A Study in Charlotte. In fact i immediately ordered this book as soon as I finished the first in the series, then never read it! Time to rectify that.

O: McGonagall does not mess around! She has set a course book of over 500 pages!

Seanan McGuire

At 525 pages this just qualifies but I have really wanted to read this one. I am hoping to save this for near the end of the month as its rumoured there may be a Tome topple round too and it would mean I could join in with that readathon also.

Curse Breaker

A: Read a book that you think has a gorgeous cover

Sebastian De Castell

If you have read any of my other posts you are fed up with this book. I will read it. I will post a review. I may not stop talking about this series.

E: read a comic/graphic novel/ manga

The Adventure Zone : Murder of the Rockport Express ltd
The McElroy Family and Carey Pietsch

This might be my favourite mini arc of the podcast so I need to read the graphic novel version. Though I might have to leave it till near the end of the month as I will want to listen to the podcast and that’s hours I cant waste during the N.E.W.Ts.

O: Spongify – Read a Paperback

Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie

It’s not a readathon unless I have an Agatha Christie on the TBR. i am still working my way through her back list and I pulled this as one of the only ones I own in paperback (most I borrow from the library)

A: A book that is black under the dust jacket

Lock Every Door
Riley Sager

I had this reserved at the library and its due in this week just in time for the readathon and it is a hardcover and when checking it seems to be black under the dust jacket.

E: Gilderoy’s Memory charm – first book that you remembered from your TBR!

Bex Hogan

Unfortunately, the only book I could think of was one I was already reading so instead I used a random number generator to pick a book from my shelves. This was an extra in the fairyloot anniversary box so I have not thought much about it but it should be interesting.

O: Cornish Pixie! Swat it away with a book written by an English Author or set in England

Lies Sleeping
Ben Aaronovich

The next book in the River’s of London series is fast approaching and its about time a do a re-read of this book to re-fresh my memory, and to actually formulate my review ( I tend to blow through them on my first read so dont write my review as it would just be gushing). It’s set in and around London so fits the prompt perfectly.

So if I was to focus on only the prompts for the Alchemist career it would require me to read:

17 Books
6421 Pages
207 pages per day

For the Curse breaker careers I would need to read:

9 Books
3,158 pages
102 pages per day

Or if I try and complete them all to outstanding level I would need to read:

24 books
8909 pages
287 pages per day

I will be attempting all 24 but it is double my usual reading for a month. However I do have two weeks off work so hopefully I can fit in extra reading time.

I am currently putting together my Bullet Journal spread for August and I will have my post up for that shortly so keep an eye out (as I go all out for the magical readathon spreads).

Are you participating in this round of the N.E.W.Ts? Are any of these books on your TBR? I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Magical Readathon – N.E.W.Ts TBR

    1. Thank you! You I am really pushing it. I usually can read between 10 and 12 books a month but I do have 2 weeks holiday this month so I am hoping that will spur me on to read more… but in reality I will probably watch Netflix for two weeks and not read a thing.

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  1. Awesome TBR! Would love to aim to read that many books as well, but I know that it will be challenging enough for me to finish the seven that I need to read for Magizoologist!

    I had trouble finding a book between 350 and 390 pages as well! Pretty much all my books was just a couple of pages to short or to long!


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