August – N.E.W.Ts Bullet Journal Spread.

I keep a Bullet journal every month but it tends to be pretty minimal, until it comes to the months which play host to a Magical Readathon. I really like doing elaborate TBR Spreads for the readathon as well as keeping my usual monthlies in my House colours of Blue and Bronze!

Here is a tour of this months spreads.

Monthly title page

Keeping it simple with some house pride and colours. The crest was just printed on sticker paper as I am not artistic enough to re-create the whole crest.

Monthly Spread

My Monthly spread consists of three pages. These are the same every month so this month they are just in Ravenclaw colours. First, I have a calendar page where I can make important dates. This page also has a Blog post tracker on the lower half of the page. The Second page, is my reading tracker, when I finish a book I place a small sticker (which I print at home) of the book cover, noting the number of pages and my rating. Usually this is where I would not my TBR when I am not participating in a readathon. The third page (below) is a graph for tracking my pages per day. there is space to note 255 pages per day – though if I am to clear all my TBR I will need to break this number almost every day!

N.E.W.Ts TITLE page

I love doing a big title page for the Magical Readathon TBR Spread it just makes it easier to find within my journal and makes it stand out. I decided to make this years look like and Educational degree.

N.E.W.Ts TBR Spread

If you haven’g guessed I decided to theme my TBR spreads on the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler! The Daily Prophet pages (above) are all the exams I need to sit for the career of Alchemist. The Quibbler pages have the extra N.E.W.Ts I would like to sit or those I would need for the career path of Curse Breaker. Both are made with a combination of line art /calligraphy /typography and home made printed stickers. The Luna glasses sticker was a stocking present from my husband last year and I finally found a use for it (he says it was from red bubble but he forgets the seller). All the images were just source by a google search and then transformed into black and while images for printing ( I didn’t make not of the websites sorry). The only thing I have forgotten to do it to put check boxes in I can tick off when I have read that prompt. I will need to find a way of squeezing them in.

So that is my Magical readathon TBR spread. I hope you like it.

Are you participating in the N.E.W.Ts? Do you Bullet Journal? Have you made a N.E.W.Ts spread? I would love to talk all things Magical Readathon/ Bullet journalling and Bookish either in the Comments, or on my Twitter.

Happy Reading!

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