Magical Readathon Winter 2019 – Week 2

Week 2 of the magical readathon is here and you can find all the magical information and promts on G’s website below:

If you want to know my journey so far you can find the story here!

The Journey Continues

I woke up in the soft plush beds of the Leaky Cauldron to the housekeeping witch knocking at the door reminding me that I needed to check out and make way to Kings cross to catch the Hogwarts express. After a delicious full breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron bar I am ready to go!

After negotiating my way through muggle London I arrive at King’s Cross to see the familiar face of Hermione, updating her all about Dobby while we wait for Ron. Time ticks by until eventually we see the flock of red-headed Weasleys making there way to the platform. As expected there is a commotion, its not easy getting all of them through the barrier. I offer to help but Mrs Weasley insists I go on.

After double checking they don’t need more 
hands, you head over to Hermione to go through the Barrier

I have to read an Urban Fantasy

Hermione and I wait on the platform as long as possible but Ron doesn’t appear. All the compartments are filling up if we want to grab one we will have to go now. Five minutes later the Hogwarts Express is pulling out of London and Ron still hasn’t shown up. We are beginning to get worried and I am about to suggest we go look for him when he appears. flopping into the seat beside Hermione!

As the train moves through the Countryside I fill Ron in on my summer, we share chocolate Frogs and while he is shuffling through my growing collection of Chocolate Frog cards Hermione and I start talking about the books we have read. I had just started discussing the latest one I had just chosen in Flourish and Blotts the afternoon before, when a Large snore escapes Ron. He has fallen asleep!

Hermione tells me all about a book club that she joined at the end of last year! It sounds like great fun. She asks if I would be interested in joining! Of course I am

Sign me up!

I have to read a bookclub / buddy read a book

Hermione continued to fill me in on all the detailed about the Book Owlery and how they are going to read The legend of the Serpent, for the first meeting. Lending me a copy so I can catch up. The rain has made the carriage the perfect reading environment so both of us snuggle up with our books and get reading. The soft snoring of Ron mingling with the click clacking of the train and the patter of the rain on the windows.

What i am Reading

All of these prompts are perfect for getting though my 20 books before 2020 TBR. I have so many reads that could apply to both prompts. But I went with my first choices as soon as I saw the prompts I got.

For the Urban fantasy I am going to read:

Ninth House
Leigh Bardugo

This just seems like the perfect book for this prompt. I am really in the mood for some magic mingled with secret societies and collage life! I am excited to dive in.

For the Buddy read I am reading

Sebastian DeCastell

There seems to be a good group of people reading this one and I have been wanting to dive into it. I love this series so much and I know I am going to need all the emotional support of everyone reading it when it ends. I am just not ready for it to be over.

Are you participating in the Winter magical readathon? What prompt did you get? What have you choosen to read.

Happy Reading!

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