Magical Readathon Winter 2019 – Week 4

First thing is first – We need to talk about JKR! I have known for some time that the story told in HP is vastly different from the storyteller. This is not the first time my world view is opposed to hers. Her views on the Trans community are not only wrong biologically (we know scientifically that there are more than 2 sexes – currently its closer to 5 biological sexes – and that is even without getting into the discussion of gender which we haven’t even scratched the surface of understanding) but socially they are vile.

I began to separate her from the art and the community a long time ago and I will be damned if she takes the HP community away from me. I have made amazing friends through a mutual love of HP. We made it magical. The love and support I have seen shared just over a book we read as children is a phenomenal that far transcends its creator. This readathon is an example of how inclusive and beautifully magic this community has become! So while I will continue to love this world it will be the world we built as a community. I will always strive to make it a safe and welcoming space for those where HP has meant more than JKR ever created.

The weeks have been flying by I can’t believe we are in week 4! As usual,

you can find all the magical information and promts on G’s website below:

If you want to know my journey so far you can read the my path for chapters one, two and three!


The teachers hurried everyone back to there common rooms after Mrs Norris was found petrified. The room is alive with gossip about the Chamber of Secrets as Hermione and I are members of the Book Owlery Book club we have already read all about it in out lastest read! We hurriedly fill Ron in, who is convinced that Malfoy is Slytherins Heir. After much discussion we decide to investigate malfoy and in order to get close to him we will have to gain his confidence by pretending to be Crabe and Goyle.

Brew PolyJuice Potion

I Gather the Hairs from CrabE and Goyle

Read a book that is less than 125 pages

It works Ron and I sneak into the Slytherin Common room and start chatting to Draco, he brings up the raid on Malfoy manor! With everything going on this summer I didn’t get a chance to chat to Mr Weasley and I don’t know anything about the raids! Quickly we change the subject

Didn’t talk to Mr Weasley

Read a recommended book

Finally he starts talking about Slytherin’s Heir but he doesn’t know who it is! We cant stay much longer or we will turn back to ourselves but as we are running back to the bathroom we find Nearly Headless Nick and a Hufflepuff boy petrified in the corridor.

I Approch Them

I have to try and see if I can help. Just then Filtch rounds the corner. He blames me for Mrs Norris and now he thinks he has caught me red handed. Luckily McGonagall approaches just in time to save me from Filtch.

Sent to the headmasters office

In the Headmasters office I get to finally meet Fawkes!

Tweet a photo of my favourite bird using #Imetfawkes

Just as I reach to pet Fawkes, he burst into flames falling to a pile of ash at his cage floor. I panic but Dumbledore reassures me as a soft coo comes from the pile of ash. I got to witness Fawkes being re-born!


This were the perfect prompts as I just picked up the amazon Forward collection on recommendation of a friend – we both have kindle unlimited and she suggested I might like this new collection. So I will be reading a couple of them for this prompt (which is great as I still need to finish the reading for chapter 3).

For my Read a book that is less than 125 pages I will be reading:

Veronica Roth

At a dinky 39 pages this fits perfectly.

For the recommended book I am going to read:

Andy Weir

Ok so none of these were on my December TBR but they just so teeny that I cant help but try and fit them in, especially as both the audio and ebook are available as part of Kindle unlimited. I know I will be VERY busy with all the pre-prepping for Christmas dinner over the next couple of days so short books I can listen to in one go are welcome!

I also met Fawkes on my journey which required me to tweet a picture of my favourite bird. I chose a Crow (see the header picture) but really its just all corvids! They are amazingly intelligent they remember faces, can both learn to use tools and teach others to use tools. They also pre-plan tasks and you know I love to plan. I guess I take the raven in Ravenclaw to heart.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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