Leap Year 24hr Readathon Announcement!

2020 is a Leap year! and to celebrate having a whole extra day I have decided to run a little impromptu Readathon.

I am hoping to use the extra time granted to us every four years to get through some of my TBR and hopefully just have a fun day reading. But instead of just doing this by myself, I decided to invite you all to join me. hopefully we can use the day to read, chat to Bookish friends on twitter and maybe even run some reading sprints. If you want to join in all you have to do is grab a book find some space to read and get reading. Use the hashtag


To tell me what your reading, to start bookish chats and to just let me know how your day is going! I am hoping to update regularly too.

I want this to just be relaxed reading with friends in the bookish community. So while I have said this is a 24hr readathon its very relaxed and you can read as much or as little as you want you don’t need to start at any specific time just dedicate some time to reading on the 29th of February.

I have come up with a few prompts for those that like more structure to their readathons but you do NOT need to do these. These are just a little fun I thought about. Please feel free to pick one or more to guide your reading or to use them to give recommendations!

Impromptu Prompts

Read a Book With Time Travel or A Time Jump

The leap year and the extra day makes me think about time travel. The extra time catching up with us. So I think a book that has time travel or jumps in time would be a fun read on the 29th.

Read A Portal Fanatsy

Like time travel, escaping through portals also just calls to me when I think about the leap year. I think its just because it occurs only once every 4 years its like the fleeting appearance of doors and portals in portal fiction.


The leap year has only happens every four years. So this prompt is about reading a book associated with four in some way. it could be the fourth volume of a graphic novel, a fourth in a series, the fourth story in an anthology or have four in the title.

I hope you decide to join me. Let me know by using #Feb29Reading on Twitter. Tell me what you are going to be reading.

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “Leap Year 24hr Readathon Announcement!

  1. I’m definitely going to join you, and I’ll be reading whatever I’ve got on the go next weekend or maybe start something new, I haven’t decided yet though! This is a great idea Fiona! xx

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