Middle Grade Marvels – Author Interview – Maria Kuzniar

I have been so lucky to be part of the Middle Grade Marvels, a Twitter based reading group that focuses on all the delights and wanders that Middle grade fiction has to offer. Every month the group votes on a Middle grade title to read and discuss. There are also some really exciting opportunities, such as a very highly anticipated book tour and this month we had a fun eARC on top of our monthly choice. Everyone involved has a real love for Middle Grade fiction and the discussion have been so much fun. If you want to join just head over the The Twitter page @GradeMarvels for all the information. I have been loving it from the beginning, discovering some amazing books along the way.

Thanks to a link with the fabulous Dave at The Write Reads many of us in the MGM club got to be part of the ongoing Blog tour for Maria Kuzniar’s Debut The Ship of Shadows. I adored this book, it was such a rich and full world with fantastic characters and adventure of a plot. I have a full review which you can read HERE.

Some of us in the MGM club were lucky enough to get to ask Maria some questions! I have posted my questions but make sure you follow the links below to find out what Noly, Holly, Ellie and Sabrina asked Maria too….

MY Questions

What drew you to writing middle grade?

Maria: I love how middle grade feels like a world of possibilities! A lot of YA and adult books can feel serious or sometimes depressing but as I began to read more and more middle grade (as an adult), I found they increasingly made me happy and nostalgic and comforted all at once. They were also great fun and I thought they’d be even more fun to write! 

What is your favourite thing about writing for that age group?

Maria: Middle grade often feels very whimsical and magical and I had so much fun tapping into that when I was writing The Ship of Shadows. It’s those quirky little details that I love—storms in jars, a grumpy, mansplaining ghost hiding in a globe, the entrance to the secret passageways being in a cupboard in the kitchen. . . middle grade gives me the opportunity to let my imagination run wildly and deliciously free and I adore that about it! 

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