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It’s another Tag Tuesday. I was recently tagged by Danni and _ForBooksSake to do this tag and the questions just seemed so much fun I had to do them. I will admit though I have only ever been to a Disney park once in my life and it was over 20 years ago now! I went to Disneyland Paris with my parents when I was 10! Euro Disney was still fairly new (it has only been open for 5 years) I don’t think it had half these rides and I was too short to ride some of them! Luckily, I don’t need to talk about the rides only the books I picked!

The Rules:

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The Questions:

The Jungle Cruise: A Book Set Along The River

Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovich

River’s of London #1

Not only is the series focused on London, the River Themes and it’s tributaries, it features the Rivers manifested as their goddesses with unique River magic. These River Goddesses also reflect the history and culture of central London, with their spheres of influence matching the area of there influence. I adore the magic system in this series, along with the humour, history, culture and diversity of London contained within them.

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Swashbuckling High Seas Adventure

The Ship of Shadows
Maria Kuzniar

It had to be this book. I have not stopped talking about this little gem. Its a book packed with Pirate Girl Gang action, which is focuses on just finding yourself and being who you are. I loved it. I have a full review HERE and I also got to ask the author a couple of questions HERE

The Haunted Mansion: A Book With An Eerie Vibe

The King of Crows

The Diviners #4

This whole series has a great creepy vibe from start to finish. Set in the 1920s and focusing round a group of Diviners ( a group of bright young things with magical powers) as they try to solve mysetrious goings on and why they developed such powers in the first place. The fourth book takes them out of New York and across the USA as they split up to finally solve the mysteries. However the creepy King of Crows a tall spectral being is hunting them. It just is so atmospheric at times that it really gives you the chills. I have a spoiler free review for King of Crows HERE

Thunder Mountain Railroad: A Thrill Ride From Start to Finish

The Space Between Worlds
Micaiah Johnson

This was just released and while I had an ARC of it I wish people were shouting about this more! I adored it. The action didn’t stop, it flung twist and turns at the most unexpected times. It also managed to focus so much as the human aspects, and very significant topics such as racism, classism, living with abuse etc. etc. I just couldn’t put it down. It was phenomenal and more people need to read it! I have a full spoiler free review here.

Splash Mountain: A Book Set in the Deep South

This was a hard one to find. I dont actually read a lot of books set in the US, and if they are they are either centred around New York City or they are witchy so have a very new England vibe. The deep south, as far as fantasy is concerned, tends towards more paranormal and paranormal romance so I really haven’t read many books set there. One I do want to get to it is

River of Teeth
Sarah Gailey

This is a alternate history set in Louisiana that looks at what might have happened if they had gone through with the proposal to introduce hippo’s into the Mississippi river. It just seems like such an interesting concept, taking that bizzare historical proposal and extrapolating what might have happened. It is definitely on my TBR for the future.

Cinderella Castle: A Book With A Castle

Assassin’s Apprentice
Robin Hobb

Farseer Trilogy #1

Not how you would traditionally picture a storybook castle but a more historical context this book features keep and court life, as out main character, Fitz, grows up within the walls of Buckkeep, as the bastard son of the former 1st in line to the throne. It isn’t always a pleasant place, but we do get to explore everything from the castles kitchens to its towers and its secret passage ways. I have a review HERE

Mad Tea Party: A Whimsical Book

The Beast and the Bethany
Jack Meggitt-Philips

I have just finished an ARC of this book and it is just deleightful. It has a real Dahl-esq quality with how wicked it is while also being completely whimiscal. I am very lucky to be part of The Write reads Blog tour for this devilish little book and I will be posting my review next week!

Matterhorn Bobsleds: A Trek Through the Mountains

My mind instantly goes to Lord of the rings for this one as while it has been some time since I visited middle earth in text, I have watched the movies more recently. I am perpetually telling myself I should treat myself to some nice editions and sit down to read them again. SO I decided to look back through my reading year to see if i have a mountain adventure there.

A shiver of Snow and Sky
Lisa Lueddecke

While not really a mountain trek, this book does have a small section where the main character has to brave the perils of the mountains in order to save her island from invaders. I did enjoy this book, it had really interesting world building and folk lore. You can read my review of it HERE.

It’s a Small World: A World Inspired by Another Culture

The Jumbies
Tracey Baptiste

The Jumbies #1

Another recent read, and another middle grade, which I read as part of the Middle Grade Marvels book club. It was our July book. This is inspired by Carribean folk and fairy tales which is something I hadn’t read before. It was so atmospheric. Middle grade books have a way of building a creepy yet fun atmosphere. We got a lot of information about the islands culture and I am really glad I picked it up. You can read my mini review HERE.

Space Mountain: A Fast Paced Space Opera

Seven Devils
Elizabeth May and Laura Lam

Seven Devils #1

I read alot of space opera, its one of my favourite genres. I suspect a few people would have thought I would have picked a John Scalzi novel for this prompt. But I decided to go with my most recently read space opera as I think it needs a bit of shouting about. Seven Devils is another Girl gang book this time in space and it is just great fun. I really enjoyed it and I also think it would be a really good entry book into space opera for those wanting to give it a try. Its very character driven and have some awesome twists. You can find my review HERE

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