This or That book Tag

Its another Tag Tuesday and this week its an original tag by my good friend Erika from And On She Reads. This just seemed like a quick fun tag on a busy week.


  • Answer the questions and (explain your answer if you want to!)
  • Add one more question of your own at the end for future bloggers
  • Tag as many bloggers as there are questions
  • Credit  And On She Reads as the author of the tag


Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers?

Enemies to Lovers. I like the tension and the build up to the switch. To me friends to lovers can be a bit too close to the miscommunication trope which is my least favourite trope.

Story told from one perspective OR from multiple perspectives?

Both, it really depends on how it works for the story. Sometimes I find the multi-perspective is over done and doesn’t add much to the over all story, other times a single perspective is quite limiting and can lead to info dumping. It really just depends on the book and the writer.

Series OR standalone?

Series, I am a fiend for series, anything that gives me more of the worlds and characters I love are always going to be my favourite.

One book at a time OR multiple books on the go?

Multiple books. I usually have a couple of physical books of different genres, an ebook or eARC, and an Audiobook for while I am working or pottering around the house. It means I always have a book I am in the mood for on the go.

Fiction OR non-fiction?

Fiction. I spend a most of my working day reading non-fiction, scientific papers so on my time off I want to dive into fiction. reading is my escape its what I do to relax and for me that is Fiction, particularly Sci-fi and Fantasy or a bit of a mystery too

Daytime reading or night-time reading?

I am more of a night owl but really I read when ever I get a chance. I haven’t had my commute for over a year now so I do less daytime reading than I used to but I still fit a few pages in over lunch, I usually have audiobooks on whole I work, then I settle in with a book after work. So I am an all day kind or reader.

My Question

I have been cheeky and I have two on Fantasy based and one Sci-fi based Question.

High Fantasy or Urban Fantasy?

While I love a bit of High Fantasy, my favourite series tend to wards Urban fantasy. Less paranormal romance and more towards the Fantasy Police Procedurals, I love a good magical investigation. My favourites include: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich, Fitch Phelps series by Luke Arnold, The invisible library series by Genevieve Cogman.

Space Opera or Near future dystopia?

I am a space opera gal. John Scalzi is one of my favourite authors and he has some awesome space operas. However, I love the Chronicles of St Mary’s which is a near future dystopia with time travel elements so this one always has me torn.

I tag

Kerri at KerriMcBookNerd

Livy at Shelves of Starlight

Stephen at Stephen Writes

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