The 20 Questions Book Tag

Its Tuesday again so time for another Tag Tuesday post. Recently I was tagged by the lovely Amy Louise from The Shelf of Unread Books to answer these 20 tricky questions!

1. How many books are too many books in a series?

Honestly it really depends on the series and what it the right number of books to tell the story in. Currently my two favourite series are ongoing and they are hefty!

The Chronicles of Saint Mary’s by Jodi Taylor has 11 Novels with the 12th released in April, two short story collections with at least two more short stories published every year and a spin off series that currently has two novels. I am nearly caught up to date with this one and I am planning a blitzkrieg re-read of the whole series very soon.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich has 8 Novels, 3 novellas, a short story collection and an 8 volume Graphic novel series (with Vol 9 released this year) and shows no sign of letting up which i am very pleased about. I am currently re-reading these as part of my Throughts while re-reading – Friday at the Folly series, with my thoughts on book two posting on Friday. I also just reviewed the 3rd Novella which came out last Thursday Here.

So really for me the series length is as long as it needs to be. Some stories only have a couple of books in them before they are done, others have seemingly never ending tales to tell and I am happy with what ever length as long as a reader I feel entertained. A good writer knows when they story is done and I trust them on that.

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?

Again I think its down to the story and the writer. I want to feel the story is satisfying and that I am not left with too much of the story unfinished. For example I really like when a cliff-hanger is set up for the next book. So we have read the conclusion of book one and its story is told but we cliff-hanger into what could happen next. But if we don’t get any conclusion and it just leaves us hanging then I am not a fan of cliffhangers

3. Hardback or Paperback?

To sit and read I prefer paperbacks, particularly floppy paperbacks but I do have a fondness for special edition hardbacks on my shelves. They just look so pretty. The Pandemic has cut my outgoing expenditure by a lot so I have been treating my shelves a lot this year and there are some stunning editions out there.

4. Favourite book?

You want me to choose! No I refuse here are my favourites (I have only placed first book in the series but you can count the whole series)

5. Least favourite book?

I don’t really have a least favourite book. not one I would mention. There are books I don’t care to read again but I tend not to

6. Love triangles, yes or no?

Another it depends. Usually I am a no, but a well crafted love triangle can be fun and exciting at times. It all just depends on the author and how they build up the angst etc.

7. The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

The Well of Acesension
Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn # 2

I have started this a couple of times, and I really loved the first book but I really haven’t had the attention span for this one in a while. Sanderson’s writing is great but he has a tendancy to spin out multiple threads and that can be a lot to keep up with especially if you are not as engaged in one than the others.

8. A book you’re currently reading?

The Shadow in the Glass
J J A Harwood

I am a little behind on my ARCs for this month so I am just getting round to this one. I am 4 chapters in and I am really liking it. its such an interesting take on the Cinderella story. We are starting to get a little bit darker in the tale so it is getting exciting.

9. Last book you recommended to someone?

Future Perfect
Felicia YAp

My Review

I jsut recommended this to my Mum the last time we spoke. She is an avid reader of crime fiction and I thought she would really enjoy this one. Its set in the near future 2030 and technology has advanced just a little to take us into a more dystopian realm. I think anyone that likes a good police procedural/ mystery will like this one.

10. Oldest book you’ve read?

My MSc in in Botany, where I was studying the evolution of sex chromosomes within plants. This research allowed me to attend many conferences including one at the Missouri Botanical Gardens which has an extensive library including a rare collections room. I got a tour of that room and with my white gloves on got to handle a few of the pieces. This included carefully and delicately looking through one of Carl Linnaeus’s Folios where he laid out his classification system for all taxonomy, the first edition of Systema Naturae dates back to 1735. So I would say it it one of the oldest texts I have read, physically in its original first printing. I was like a kid in a candy store! I got to hold a first edition On the Origin of Species which the whole group geeked out on as we were all running a scientific reading group for it at the time.

11. Newest book you’ve read?

The Unbroken
C. L. Clark


I am just about to finish and eARC of this book and it come out on Thursday. So my review will be up for you very soon. I am loving it so far, the writing is just fantastic, so much detail in the world building and the plot is exciting and egaging, I really cant wait to sit down and finish it after work.

12. Favourite author?

See answers to Question 4

13. Buying books or borrowing books?

Both, I like to borrow new authors that I haven’t read before, especially if it is a long series I am not sure I want to commit to yet. I will buy books I love, cant wait till it is free in the library etc as I am lucky enough to have the expendable income. Over the pandemic I have made an effort to support my local indie bookstore more and more and they have been great and finding editions I want etc.

14. A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

Just going to leave that here with my review, I have ranted about this enough.

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks, I have a huge collection of book marks and always have a couple on me when carrying a book. If i dont have a bookmark I will use a bit of paper etc.

16. A book you can always reread?

Again see Question 4 I have read most of those books, series time and time again.

17. Can you read while listening to music?

No not specifically, I tend to listen to ambient noise such as rain sounds etc or to whatever game my husband is playing. I found music distracting in general, i cant work while listening to music either. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while working instead.

18. One POV or multiple POVs?

This is another one that completely depends on the author and the story they are telling .

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

This one depends on me, and how busy I am. if its a work day then no as my time is reduced and I can only manage to read for a certain amount of time but I have been known to read a 400+ page book in one sitting when I have dedicated the day to just reading.

20. Who do you tag?

Ashlee from Books are 42

Erika for And on She Reads

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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