Birthday Book Binge – Personal Readathon

Every year I like to take the first week of June off from work to really indulge and celebrate my birthday. its usually because the first week in June is also a busy time for both the Bookish world, with the Hay festival and Cymera SFFH festival, and also the gaming world with E3. So both my husband, Euan, and I like to celebrate my birthday and spend some time dedicated to our hobbies. Euan and my Brother-in-law run gaming podcast GameEngineStart, you should give them a listen.

Anyway from this afternoon I have 9 glorious days off so I am going to indulge in all things bookish – and cake- related. I plan on going to bookshops, blogging, attending the Cymera festival, getting my covid vaccine and reading! I have decided to plan a mini personal readathon to spur my reading on.

I have created a little bingo board and I will be updating it on my Instagram stories with what I read for each prompt as well as any bookish hauls etc, so please go check out my Insta!

Only thing that might derail me from my Bookish binge is I am actually scheduled to have my Covid Vaccine on my birthday! Which is June 2nd. This unfortunately means no alcohol or cake (I have an immunological condition that is exacerbated by wheat) on my actual birthday so means i will just have to have double cake the next day!

I should have my full June TBR up for you this weekend so you can get a peak of some of the books I will be choosing from to fill out these prompts.

Do you have any fin birthday rituals?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Book Binge – Personal Readathon

  1. I hope you have a fun reading binge with this!
    I thought it was a tic tac toe board for a second.
    Which makes me think of a fun game: You should give a blank board to a friend, play a round of tic tac toe, and wherever your friend lands his markers is what you’d read for your next bingo set πŸ˜‚

    Enjoy your readathon! ❀

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