Camp NaNoWriMo July 2022

I have made it no secret that I have been attempting to write over the past few years. Most of these attempts have not really progressed very far. I have won Nanowrimo a few times but I haven’t really taken any of those stories and developed them in to full workable novels.

Last November I was a bit of a NanoRebel and I spent most of the month brainstorming various different ideas and trying to develop them out in to stories I thought I could tell. This year I have been slowly building on two of those ideas and fleshing them out, doing bits of background research, random worldbuilding and character creation throughout the past 6 months.

The reason I have ended up with two stories I am working on is I truly and beginning to love both of them. I find that my brain will want to work on story A one day and story B the next and I think that just might be part of my creative process that I just have to let myself work on what ever story I am in the mood for.

My Goals

Write Every Day
Re-Outline Project Insured Chaos
Zero-draft Project Edinburgh Ghosts

My Projects

Working Title: Insured Chaos
Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Current stage: Outlining


Originally my 2021 project but it is still very vague and I don’t have a full synopsis yet just a quick idea.
Tsuki is an insurance adjuster who usually deals with spacecraft AI failures causing docking failures, inter-station drunk drivers smashing up there ships et. Her job is to just assess, assign blame and report. Until her latest case, a personal deep space transport showed up empty. The onboard AI report reads exactly the same as the accident that killed Tsuki’s bestfriend 10 years ago, she is determined to find out why.

What I want to accomplish in Camp NanoWriMo 2022:

This needs a lot of work, I have a couple of character profiles and some worldbuilding and I am also merging in work from my 2019 ‘Agatha Christie in Space’ which was my first real attempt at writing but was closer to fan fiction than an actual independent story. However it still has some great scenes and a lot of worldbuilding and one particular character I want to move into this project so it calls for a complete re-outline!

Working Title: Edinburgh Ghosts
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Current stage: Outlining


Laurel Blythe is trying to put her past behind her and make her own way in the world. Saddled with the ability to talk to the dead and to traverse the Vale where the various Eldrich realms cross, her biggest wish is for all the spirits just to shut up for a while. However, acting as a medium at the parties of Royal Edinburgh’s bright young things does pay the bills.

That is until she stumbles across Finley McPherson, the up and coming star of the Royal Edinburgh’s High Constables. He was tipped to be one of the youngest Moderators in the organizations history, before his untimely death. In order to find the peace and quiet she wants Laurel agrees to help Finley solve the mystery surrounding his death, but soon the two of them find themselves the go to pair for all the strange happenings in Royal Edinburgh on both sides of the Vale.

What I want to accomplish in Camp NanoWriMo 2022:

In 2022 I have probably worked the most on this idea. I have a huge amount of scenes scribbles, character profiles, background, and pages and pages of research (with a lot still to do) However, I have a pretty good basic outline so I want to start zero drafting. I want to start really committing to particular story beats, start planning chapters and what is going to happen when in the story to turn my collection of scene scribble and random collections of dialogue into an actual story that I can begin drafting.

So that is my plans for this Camp Nano. I am hoping that I can keep momentum on both of these projects. I am hoping I can also carry on with one of these for NaNoWriMo in November and possibly have my first ever completed first draft soon. Remember you can keep up to date with my progress this month on my Instagram which is linked in the sidebar!

Are you participating in Camp Nano this Month?
Are you a fellow aspiring writer?

I would love to get chatting to others, possibly form a little writing group to cheer each other on, and act as critique partners.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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