Christmassy December Bullet Journal

Everyone knows December is crazy, there are presents to buy, feasts to cook, parties, friends and family to visit. It seems like it doesn’t stop so careful planning is needed. I also am hopping to read a lot this month with all my time off work, I plan to keep on top of my crochet projects and to do some writing, so my bookish bullet journal is going to get a lot of use this month.


I always use a Nuuna dotted note book as my bullet journal . I like that it is slightly larger than A5 with 0.5 dot spacing. for the layouts this month I have chosen a range of colour scheme so I have used:

December Pages:
Uniball Signo Noble Metal – Blue
GellyRoll Moolight – baby Blue

For day to day writing I will be using my Lamy Safari Silver filled with Diamine Ink in Silver Fox

Christmas Pages:
Uniball Signo Noble Metal – Green
Uniball Signo Noble Metal – Gold
Triplus fineliner – Dark red

For day to day writing I will be using my Lamy Safari Purple filled with Diamine Ink in Red Robin

Hogmanay Pages:
Uniball Signo Noble Metal – Purple
Uniball Signo Noble Metal – Silver

For day to day writing I will be using my Lamy Safari Teal filled with Diamine Ink in Party time – which is a purple shimmer ink that I got in last years Inkvent calander

Monthly Pages

I like to have a simplified Title page just to look pretty. I tend to bookmark this page just to make it easy to flick back to it and find this month pages. I really love the silver and blue even though it doesn’t show up so well in the photos it has such a cool crisp wintery feeling.

This is my usual Monthly spread with only three sections this month . The calendar is used just to mark down quick appointments, birthdays etc. You can see I have already marked the important festive days in there own individual colour schemes!

The Important section is where I can make longer notes and future planning. Here I will usually just mark the day and then the associated information. When filling in next months calendar I can glance back and mark in any important dates I have made note of.

The right hand page contains my Books Read section. I don’t keep my TBR in my Journal instead I mark off the books I have read. I print little stickers of each book cover that I read in the month and paste them in this section along with the star rating and page count. At the end of the month I can easily see what books I have read and what I thought of them. Through out the month I have a page for each book I read that I make when I start each book this will have my notes and ESCAPE Score for each read. I decided I would need extra space in this section as I have a lot of time off in December. Working in academia means that the university is closed over the festive season and I also save annual leave to take even more time off so I can get to all the books I just didn’t have time for throughout the year.

This is a typical weekly page for me. As This month began in the middle of the week I have only added those days up to Sunday (I usually run my weeks Monday to Sunday) as it looked more aesthetically pleasing. The remaining space on the page is for a mini review. Certain books I only write mini reviews for so they are great for fitting into these small spaces, to use up every inch of the journal.

On the left hand page is one of my full book review page which has space for my E.S.C.A.P.E score


This year I have a whole section dedicated to Blogmas. I have kept the simple title page again but this year I have dedicated a whole spread to planning out my posts as well as space to plan out ideas, pick books for tags etc.

Project pages

My writing pages have now become a standard addition to my monthly spreads. I find it really helpful to leave myself notes on where I am in my manuscript and where I want to go next.

A newer addition is my Crochet project tracking pages. I have several crochet projects on the go and I need to start finishing some of them. Especially as I have the Hobbii crochet advent calendar this year so I will be adding even more to my yarn stash which I really need to start getting under control.

Christmas Pages

Christmas gets its own title page. Just because its cute. I like to change up the colours to the classic Red, Green and Gold that are so associated with Christmas.

The Christmas planning pages are probably going to have the most use this month, with everything from what food and prep I need to do as well as menu planning for the big days themselves and of course Presents!

This year I have added an activities section to track movies I want to watch, Christmassy trips I want to make etc.

For the week of Christmas I made sure the weekly layout had big boxes for each day for my to-do lists as I prepare Christmas dinner and for all my reading that I hope to do.

Hogmanay Pages

Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration of the New Years Eve on the 31st of December. For me Hogmanay is about going through the old year and all the happy moments before you welcome in the new year. There is a tradition in Scotland where just before midnight you through open your back doors and windows to chase out the old year and then as it hits new year you welcome in your first footers which are hopefully loaded with whiskey and coal to keep your home happy and warm the whole year! So my bullet journal has pages for me to collate my thoughts about all my reading throughout the year and also what I am anticipating for 2023

Phew! that was a long one, thank you for sticking with me if you got this far! I hope some of these spreads give you some ideas for your own journal bookish or not.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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