May Wrap-up – Overcoming the Slump

At the beginning of May I hit the worst reading slump I have had in a long time. Almost 2 weeks went sailed by before I even read a page. We all have months like that where the will to read just goes and there is no getting it back until the magic book brakes the slump.

Wrap-up Stats

Books: 6

Pages: 1685


5 STARS: none 😦

4 STARS: 4

3.5 STARS: 2

3 STARS: none

What I read

 The month started off with The Readathon to Rule them All which was a two week readathon based on reading Fantasy. This should have been right up my street and I had picked out an awesome TBR to inspire me. Then the monster of the reading slump found me and sat on me!

After struggling to even start a book (even my selected audiobook!) in the first week. I wanted to read but just couldn’t find the book to inspire me to get those pages turning. I must have picked up about 30 books read the first 20 pages, wanted to continue but just didn’t pick the book back up again.

I decided to dive back into worlds that I knew well, in hopes that those familiar stories would keep me interested and allow me to get back to reading.


Rivers of London (graphic novels) – Black Mould

I have spoken about Rivers of London series before, I truly love this version of London and the characters within. The combination of the novels with the graphic novels, novellas and even audio shorts means i have never got board with this series and there is always something for me to dive into no matter my mood. This is the third instalment in the graphic novels and falls between the 6th Novel and the 1st Novella.

This fulfilled the POC as Main character challenge of the One Readathon. PC Peter Grant, our main character, is mixed race and is joined by a host of side characters from all backgrounds really representing the diversity found within London. Joining Peter on the front cover is DC Guleed, the self proclaimed Muslim ninja.

4 stars


Tales of Beedle the Bard – J.K.Rowling

This was actually on my TBR! This fulfilled A fantasy book under 300pgs challenge. I have always found a collection of  short stories great in a readathon as you can sneak one in those little 5/10 minutes spaces in the day. I found really that was all i was managing to read at the end of the day so this book was also great for beating my slump.

4 Stars


The Wicked Deep – Shea Ernshaw

This was also on my TBR as the standalone fantasy novel. I struggled through this book due to my slump but got there in the end. A non-spoiler review will be going up in June.

3.5 Stars

The next readathon I participated in was Borrow-a-thon.  I truly love this readathon, the community around it is great so much fun and i love pulling all my books from my libraries shelves even if there is no way for me to read them all in the week.

Borrowathon was much more successful for me reading 3 books, and completing five challenges, over the course of the week and finding some new gems of series I cant wait to dive into more.


Furthermore – Tahereh Mafi

This is a surrealist delight of a book. I did start this a couple of months ago but had to return it to the library. It was great just diving in and exploring Furthermore with all its awesome twists and turns. It was wonderland without the logic!

4 Stars


Lireal – Garth Nix

I started this series last month and I will definitely be continuing after this book. What is not to love about a magical Library, a doggie companion and a sassy talking cat!

4 Stars


Oh this book! I need to have words with this book! It will be getting a full review as I loved this book! I will be reading the rest of the series, but I had to give it 3.5 stars! While this book is awesome there are just a few scenes that irked me soo much I can’t rate it the five stars it would deserve without those scenes. I might be being harsh but they disappointed me so much ( the review will contain light spoilers when it goes live).

3.5 Stars

I am currently reading two books, which I am nearing the end of. I decided to re-read Caraval by Stephanie Garner as Legendary is hitting my bookshelves very soon! I am also reading Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson and I honestly wish I had started this sooner as it is a definite slump buster. I am loving the characters and the setting.

Will I finish these by the end of the month? Who knows!

June is my birthday month, so lots of new books will be making there way into my collection. I have lots of plans which you can be sure contains at least one readathon.

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