Library Love with Borrow-a-thon

It is time for another round of Borrow-a-thon! It is truly one of my favourite readathons where the main challenge is to read only borrowed books during the week. They can be borrowed from the library or from friends all that matters is the book is borrowed!

I live around the corner from my local library and only a few minutes walk from the cities central library so I can often be found pouring over its shelves, both physically and digitally. I read a large number of borrowed books preferring to try out new authors or first books in a new series before I commit to buying them (with 10 years of being a student -undergrad, MSc and PhD, my libraries became my source of books while on such low income).  i love this readathon as it is great to see so many others around the bookish community embracing their libraries and borrowing some awesome books!

This round runs from the 20th – 27th of May and is organised by Riley at rmfickfack on Youtube.

There are six challenges to attempt during the week along with reading sprints most days between 7-10pm EST, which you can join in with using #BorrowAThon. Unfortunately due to work I will not be able to join in sprints as they will be 12am-3am here in the UK and i will be working all day but I am hoping to get the pages turning during my commute. In true Fi fashion my TBR is overstocked!

The Challenges

1. A book award nominee or winner

2. A book with your initials on the cover (title, author name, etc.)

3. Someone else’s favourite book

4. A book that everyone else has read but you

5. A book from your favourite genre

6. Read a book that features a library

My Checked out books

As per usual I have a full collection checked out of the library both physically and in ebook/audiobook form. Currently I have a total of 14 items checked out and a further 3 requests on there way. When I get the itch for new books instead of going internet shopping, i end up browsing my libraries catalogue ending up with lots of books checked out .

Therefore, I have lots of choices for which books I want to read this week. I have therefore created a loose TBR based on which of these books I want to get to and primarily which ones i have to return to the library soon.

My Tentative TBR (subject to change)

1. A book award nominee or winner


Kings of the Wyld – Nicholas Eames

This book has won a number of awards and nominated for several others, includings but not limited to  ‘Best Debut Novel in The Stabbies’ and ‘Nominee for Best Debut in The Booktube SFF awards’

2. A book with your initials on the cover (title, author name, etc.)


Annihilation – JefF VanderMeeR

FurtherMoRe – Tahereh Mafi

My initials are F.M.R  which appear on both of these books. I have been meaning to read both for a long time ( I even started Furthermore back in March but had to return it before i could finish it). I have yet to decide which one as they can both double up on other challenges and they are also the shortest reads on my list.

3. Someone else’s favourite book


Traitor’s Blade – Sebastian De Castell

This was recommended by one of my local booksellers as there favourite series. He was so passionate about the book and the story behind its origin that I just had to take a look to see if i want to invest in it too.

4. A book that everyone else has read but you

Again this could be a number of books on the list most people have mentioned Kings of the Wyld/Furthermore/ Annihilation/ Lireal at some point. Recently I have also been hearing a lot about Midnight at the bright ideas bookstore – Matthew Sullivan, so if I have time I will read that instead of doubling up.

5. Read a book that features a library


Lirael – Garth Nix

I read the first in the series for the Magical readathon in May and I loved it. I couldnt beleive i had left it so long to jump into this series. I have been assured that this one features a kick ass librarian and features a library . I have this both as a physically copy and audiobook out from my library so I will be jumping between the two as the audio book is read by Tim Curry!

6.  A book from your favourite genre

My favourite genera are Fantasy, Sci-fi and Mystery I honestly cant choose between them as I love reading them in different moods therefore this one is being left completely open and I will either double up or choose a one from my back up pile (probably one of my ebooks) to fill this challenge.


I really don’t think i will make it to all 6 books on this list especially since I am recovering from a book slump! But with doubling up I am hoping to complete all challenges with at least 3 of these books! or possibly substituting one or more in from the other 7 books i have checked out.

Are you participating in Borrow-a-thon? What are you reading?


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