Tome Topple Wrap up

WOW what a great 2 weeks. Tome Topple is by far one of my favourite readathons. The community is great and supportive with an awesome mix of sprints hosted in different time zones that I was able to join in with even on work days! I had so much fun this round interacting with everyone!


Tomes: 4.5

Pages: 2590


5 STARS: 1 (My half finished book is on track for a 5 star)

4 STARS: 1

3.5 STARS: 1

3 STARS: 1



The fortnight started off with The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. This was not quite the book I was expecting. I am a sucker for bringing magic out in cities i know well. I have visited oxford a number of times and it is such an unusual British city because it is dominated by the university it does make it a magical environment. But this book is far more of a romance novel than an urban fantasy and that is just not my thing. I will be reviewing the book shortly and I am still deciding wither to continue with the series.

3 Stars


I have been working my way through the Diviners series by Libba Bray, switching between the audio and physical copies from my library. Before the Devil Breaks You is the third book in the series and is definitely one of the stronger of the books. Set in the 1920s it also eerily reflects some political aspects of modern day America that really made this a powerful read. The cast of characters and diverse and there are so shock twists and turns that make this very engaging. I did think this was the last in the series, however, this book was very open-ended by there is no title or release date for the 4th book currently.

4 Stars


The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton is by far one of my favourite reads of the year so far. This book is truly mysterious and kept me guessing to the last possible page. It was fantastically written and captivating. A fully review will be up shortly as I want to rave about this book in all its glory.

5 Stars


The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell was a random pick. I was on my library browsing for big books that I could switch between the audio and ebook (as I like moving between both on work days during my commute and during the more repetitive tasks at work) and it jumped out. Oh this was a surprise! its a time travelling, magical heist based fantasy. It does get a bit cofusing in the beginning where it jumps between timelines but once they balance out it becomes a good heist story, with some fun twists.

3.5 Stars

I almost finished ….


I started my re-read of A gathering of shadows by V.E. Schwab in the last few days of the readathon. I loved this book the first time i read it ( i actually threw it across the room due to the cliffhanger). I love annotating my books but this is a recent thing for me so I went back to annotate this book. This meant it took me longer than average to read as i was making notes etc. I have at this moment in time now finished this book but during Tome Topple I read a total of 353 pages. 

I am amazed I got through so many books in just 14 days! There is something so satisfying in closing a big book after reading its last page. I am looking forward to the next round already.

Access to both the physical and audio copies defiantly helped me get those books finished allowing me to continue reading in all those little down moments where i couldn’t reach for the physical copy of the book.

Did you participate in Tome topple? How many pages did you turn? did you finish any tomes? What tomes do you recommend for the next time?

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