Tome Infinity – TBR

OK yes I caved and I am taking part of a readathon this month. I did hint in my September reading plans that this one was tempting. 

Tome Infinity and Beyond is a 2 week Sci-fi based readathon that takes place on from Tomorrow, the 7th of September to the 21st. It has one of the most interesting premises for a readathon comparable to the Magical readathons or Reading Quest. Tome Infinity was devised by Brushing Bookends

The Earth is dying and the population is fleeing into the galaxy. You can join one of four ships departing, planet hoping till you find your new home. It is recommended that you stop on at least 3 planets on your travels to get a feel for the galaxy. 

To access one of the Earth Escape ships you must complete one of the starting challenges. Each planet hop you make also requires you to complete a reading challenge to pass the time as you travel from planet to planet.

Check out all the challenges for the possible routes through the Galaxy here.

I am only going to describe my journey manifest. My manifest will contain the challenges for each of the planetary stops and what books I propose to read on my travels. 

Journey Manifest:

My bullet Journal entry of my journey.  The route of my journey is marked in green and I intend to colour each of my stops once I complete my reading for that planet. 

Ship C – A Short Jump To A Neighbouring Planet- Read A Book Of Short Stories Ship
Venus- Favours The Bold Read A Book With A Bold Female Main Character Mercury- The Smallest Planet Read A Book Under 250 Pages
Asteroid Belt-An Iconic Flight ObstacleRead A Space Opera Adventure
Mars- Martian Invasion Read A Book Featuring Aliens
Neptune- Like The God Or Planet?Read A Science Fiction W/ Fantasy Themes Or Vice Versa

Journey Reading list:

Ship C – A Short Jump To A Neighbouring Planet-


Robots vs Fairies

It short stories about Robots and Fairies written by an awesome array of SFF authors including Ken Liu, Seanan McGuire, John Scalzi and Catherine M. Valente . Short hops to the neighbouring planets are over quick and snappy so there may only be time for quick snappy stories between those on board duties before we arrive on Venus. 

Venus- Favours The Bold


Places in the Darkness
Chris Brookmyre

Another favourite author moves his crime fiction into outer-space with not one but two kick-ass ladies driving the story. The synopsis for this reads like everything which is why I snapped it up and cant wait to get into it as I kick about the surface of Venus. 

Mercury- The Smallest Planet– 


All systems Red
Martha Wells

Winner of this years Hugo for Best Novella, which i have had sitting on my kindle. Its a nice 144 pages in length that is great for the cramped quarters on a space ship winding its mini way to Mercury. 

Asteroid Belt-An Iconic Flight Obstacle


Old Man’s War 
John Sclazi

This is a old very well read favourite that i keep returning too. I had always planned to read this soon so this is the prefect excuse to travel space with old friends again. Whats better when you are stuck in an asteroid belt than to spend that time with the stories you love. 

Mars- Martian Invasion–  


the long way to a small angry planet 
Becky Chambers

I don’t know why I haven’t finished this. I started it months ago and I was loving it but as life got in the way it moved down the TBR pile and back onto the bookshelves. Its about time I get back to it. Of all the Aliens out in the galaxy the ones I briefly met aboard the Wayfarer were awesome so I want to rejoin them on my way to Mars

Neptune- Like The God Or Planet?


The Fifth Season
N.K. Jemison

I have this whole Hugo winning trilogy sitting on my shelves and I have yet to make time for it. I am looking forward to jumping into this series as I make my new home on Neptune.

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