Top 5 Wednesday – Friendsgiving

This weeks top five Wednesday topic is the five Characters I’d Invite to Friendsgiving. I am from the UK so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but when I was living in Ohio Thanksgiving was my favourite time of year. All of my friends were so happy to include me, their families welcomed me with open arms (even with my dislike of turkey) into their homes so Friendsgiving represents my experience of Thanksgiving.

I love these kind of fantasy dinner party type questions. There are so many characters I would love to sit down and have a nice meal with while chatting about all kinds of things. So when narrowing down my list for this intimate Friendsgiving dinner I genuinely had to think about all the characters I love that I know I would be friends with.


Peter Grant 
Rivers of London 
Ben Aaronovich



I have to admit I am slightly in love with Peter. I just know we would get on. He is so curious and asks the most interesting questions and goes on the most interesting sidelines that I know we could fuel conversation for hours. Covering topics from the Jazz scene, Scientific studies, magic, Dr Who, architecture, history etc. etc.


Ferius Parfax
Sebastian De Castell 


What is a dinner party with friends without drinking and card games! Ferius is a mean card player and she can hold her drinks all while telling tales of her travels. I honestly think we would get on. Whiling the evening away musing about life once the dinner is done and we have settled at the card table for the night. She is just one of those relaxed type of people that you can just be yourself around.


Harry Wilson
Old Man’s War
John Scalzi


He maybe an ex-physics teacher come intergalactic octogenarian – in a regenerated body – soldier but I know we would get on like a house on fire. Harry is hilarious. He also can talk for days and like Peter Grant is never short of interesting questions and lines of thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be off discussing the universe at some point. I do fear Harry would be a bit of a flirt with my next guest.


Minerva McGonagall
Harry Potter
J.K Rowling


I don’t see why friends can’t span different generations especially not Fantasy friends. If I had gone to Hogwarts, despite being a Ravenclaw, I know McGonagall would have been my favourite teacher and like many ex pupils I probably would have kept in touch. I cant quite say why but I am damn sure she knows how to let her hair down and would be a great one to gossip with all night.


Prof. Matthew Clairmont 
All Souls Trilogy 
Deborah Harkness 


This was not one of my favourite books but I have to much in common with Matthew not to think we wouldn’t be friends. We are in the same line of work and I know we could bounce some amazing theories back and forth. Do you have to be a vampire to work in his lab because I would totally angle for a Post-Doc there? He also would have the most fascinating stories, would be open to a debate and he is bound to start the dancing at some point in the evening (prob with McGonagall). Also everyone needs that friend that knows about wine and always shows up with an awesome bottle or two.

Side note

I am assuming all this time that I would not have to invite Mogget from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen Trilogy as his sassy little cat ass will already be snuggled on a  velvet pillow by the living-room fire. I adore him and would happily keep the deadly demon trapped in a cats body as a pet, welcoming his sarcasm and sass with glee.


All of these characters have a single thing in common is that they have a real love for their friends, to the point where they are almost family and that’s what I like about my friendships so I feel I could be friends with these characters

That was fun, I kind of wish I could have that dinner party. I am sure it would be filled with quite spirited debates and fantastic story telling. Do you think everyone would get along?

Who would you invite to your fantasy Friendsgiving ?

Happy Reading

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