November wrap-up

It has been a while since I have actually done a monthly wrap up. Being plagued by reading slumps, busy work weeks and choosing to participate in various readathons I have let monthly wrap ups fall by the wayside. However, I decided to pick it back up this month to give an overview of everything I tackled in November.


Books: 7

Pages: 2,713


5 Stars: 2

4 Stars: 2

3.5 Stars: 1

3 Stars: 2



The last two weeks of November brought about Tome Topple and The One Readathon to Rule them all. As they overlapped substantially  I aimed to read (mostly) the same books for both. I was happy with tackling two tomes over the two weeks.


3 Stars
Carry On
Rainbow Rowell

As I said in my review, this is a fantastic festive season read that is just a lovely sugary sweet treat on the long winter nights. I really quite enjoyed it.


5 Stars
The Poppy War
R. F. Kuang

I enjoyed this books though and through. It is an excellent example of dark fantasy that incorporates history seamlessly to its narrative that just strengthens it further. It might be one of the best books I have read this year. my review will follow shortly.

For the One Readathon these two books covered most of the challenges. And by including my re-reads I was able to hit most of the places on my journey to Mordor. (As of 30th November, I am yet to complete the read for Mordor, but with all of the 1st December left to read I am sure I can get there).


I have been very lucky to be granted the opportunity to read to two new releases.


4 Stars
Brandon Sanderson

I really enjoyed this YA Sci-fi from Sanderson. My full review can be found here. I have since received a beautiful final copy of the book within my November FairyLoot box. – look out for my un-boxing post soon.


3.5 Stars
Empress of all seasons
Emiko Jean

I have posted a full review here. This is a great Asian mythology inspired fantasy with a slow middle but a fantastic ending!




In anticipation of the release of the next instalment of my favourite series River’s of London by Ben Aaronovich I decided to remind myself what happened so far. I listened to the novella The Furthest Station (4 Stars) for the first time which was again excellently brought to life by the series narrator Kobina Holdbrook Smith. I also delved back into book 6 The Hanging Tree (5 Stars).



Agatha Christie Challenge

If you have been following my Agatha Christie Challenge you will know I have been slowly working my way through all of her mysteries. It had been a while since I found time to fit one of these into a TBR.


3 Stars

I finally finished The Caribbean Mystery! I had started this book some time ago but never got round to finishing it. I have not read many of the Ms Marple series and I do not find them as easy to get into as the Hercule Poirot series. This was a nice little flash of sunshine and mystery in the wet wintry days.


With the festive season and the end of 2018 rapidly approaching I have lots of plans for my December reading and for the Blog to see out the year properly.

How did your November reading go? Did you participate in Tome Topple?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Find me in the comments or on Twitter to chat!

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