Top 5 Wednesday – Bookish gift list

Its time for another top five Wednesday. This week it is what is on our bookish wish lists, this could be anything from bookish merchandise to books themselves. I know that “Santa” has had my list for a while and has hopefully done his shopping so I have gone out of the box on this one and picked those big ticket items that are just a bit cheeky to ask for!

NOTE: This post contains a promotion for my sister’s Etsy store. She is not paying me, she has no idea I have wrote this. I am just being a good big sister and taking this opportunity to promote my very talented sister’s art work. But I also believe in being honest and forthcoming about my content for readers who may not like promoted content. 

As usual I will go in reverse order:

5) River’s Of London new paperback covers

I mentioned these in my Plan with me Tag  for the question of if money was no object what would I buy all the new covers – they are just an extravagance I don’t need but would be happy to have

4) Any River’s of London Merchandise

As like most adult books (that haven’t made the transition on to TV) there is a severe lack of any kind of  bookish goodies. I may stand a chance of achieving this one in the new year as I have requested a custom piece from my sister.

My sister makes custom Venetian style paper-mache fandom based masks to be used as bookshelf/home decor. Which can be ordered through her Etsy store.She makes everything from scratch including the mask forms themselves. She was kind enough as part of my wedding present to make my cake toppers which represent a few of my husband and I’s favourite things. Here are a few examples of her amazing work.  Check out her Instagram for more!

While the shop is closed for this Festive season so she can fulfil orders, she will be open again in the new year if you are interested in her designs. I will be spending some of my Christmas gift money on a  River’s of London based one in the New year!

3) Another Book shelf

I don’t need another bookshelf, I really should clear and organise the three I already have. However, another shelf means more space and more space means more books. I am never going to say no to a bookish gift and having the space to house them all, displaying pretty covers, having all my bookish goodies out on display would be lovely. Talking about more bookish based space brings me on to my next wish…

2) A Home Library

I would love more than anything to have a whole room in my house dedicated to my books and reading. Currently, while I have ample space for books in my current home if we were to move I would love to have a room (even a small one) that I could fill wall to wall with shelves, with my big comfy chair and my lamp just for me to while away the hours reading or appreciating my books in all their beauty.

1) Time

I think it is what every reader ultimately wants is more time to read. If there could be some kind of invention that would allow me to stop the passage of time when I settled down to finish a book that would be the best gift I could be given.

What is on your Bookish gift list? What is your most outlandish book based wish?

Please check out my sisters wonderful Etsy store if you have any Festive pennies left to spend in the new year!

All the details about T5W and the prompts for rest of  this month can be found here. 

Happy Reading!

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