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I love a start of a new year it means a period of reorganisation and starting new challenges. This year, as stated in my 2019 goals post I want to focus on reading from my own TBR shelves, finishing all those series have have been sitting there unfinished for years in some cases. I was considering setting up some kind of personal project or challenge but then Twitter came to my rescue and presented the Series To Finish Challenge.

Created by Anna from Reader and Proud, it is a year long challenge that started on Jan 1st and will end on December 31st 2019. It is a great laid back challenge where you can select as many books as you want as long as you are completing series along the way. The only rules set by Anna is that ARCs and 2019 releases do not count towards the challenge.

As  I want to use this challenge to help clear out my TBR shelves converting them to read shelves I have added a rule of my own.

  • I must own all the books in the series to add them to my TBR – no using this as an excuse to buy more books

This still gives me a sizeable number of series to choose from.

I have also set a goal to read at least 25 books through this challenge therefore, it would count towards my own goal of reading at least 50 books from my own shelves.


I have decided to just select 25 books for this TBR though due to the flexible nature of this challenge this will most likely change with my moods so these selections are more of a demonstration of what is still languishing on my shelves unread.

I have an awful habit of never really reading the last book in series I love, as well as collecting an authors work without actually reading them so I have a number of series by certain authors that are incomplete, so I will start with them.


Oh the number of unfinished series I own by Victoria Schwab is just shameful seeing as I adore her writing.

Shades of Magic
To Read: 1 book

I have yet to finish this series as I adored the first two. It seems strange but its a real habit of mine to not finish series that I love as I don’t want to leave the world. I dont have an excuse for this series anymore with the comic book series and a new trilogy starting in these worlds I need to just buckle down and finish the series instead of re-reading the first two!


Monsters of Verity
To Read: 1 book

Again I read This savage song a couple of years ago and loved it, immediately bought the 2nd book as soon as it came out and then didn’t touch it (this will be a repeating theme!).

To Read: 2 books

I have read 73% of Vicious before during my PhD and despite loving it had to put it down to focus on the work i was doing at the time. I then got the Illumicreate special edition of Vengeful so they are must reads.


The Archived
To Read: 2.5 books

This was recently re-released in the gorgeous bind-up which also includes a short story.


Leigh Bardugo

To Read: 6 Books

I have not read anything from the Grishaverse series despite owning all of them so it is about time I tackled them. Especially as most of these books were birthday gifts (from 2 years ago oops).

Laini Taylor

Strange The Dreamer
To Read: 1 book

I Have to finish this duology I loved the first one so much. I am just a couple of months behind on keeping up with this one though which isn’t too bad, by my standards.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone
To Read: 3 books

I have the most gorgeous hardback versions of these books which i was more than lucky to find in a second hand store but as I bought them during my PhD I never found the time to read them. Now I have the time they deserve to finally be read.

I also have a number of complete series on my shelves that I really want to tackle, which strangely enough a majority seem to be Sci-fi.

The Broken Earth – N. K. Jemisin
To Read: 3 books

All three of these books have won Hugo awards and I have been highly anticipating reading them but they are also kind of intimidating.

Wayfairer – Becky Chambers
To Read: 2 Books

It’s a very familiar story by now I started the long way to a small angry planet a while ago and put it down (i think for a readathon) but never picked it back up, now I have the whole series.

Themis Files – Sylvian Neuval
To Read: 2 books

I read the first and loved it but was waiting for the rest to be released in paperback and before you know it I had waited a good while.


Alice Chronicles – Christina Henry
To Read: 1 book 

I have had this Duology for a while and I loved the twist on Alice, I also did a Christina Henry based Try and Chapter tag but I chose to continue with another one of her novels.


Head On – John Scalzi
To Read – 1 book

Finally the 25th book on my list, I own two copies of this book but havent cracked the spine. I am sure I will make time for it this year.


So that is my rough TBR for the series I would like to finish in 2019. I am sure more will make their way on to the list at some point. If you would like to keep track of my progress, I will be including a section in my monthly wrap-ups but also I will be updating on Twitter using #SeriesTF2019

Are you joining in? What Series are you hoping to complete? Are you reading any of these?

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Series Completing! We can Finish them!!!

9 thoughts on “Series To Finish Sign Up and TBR

  1. I was gonna comment on all your choices, which are awesome, but I feel like I should clear something up first: ARCs and books released in 2019 DEFINETELY COUNT. The only rule is to read the last book this year, that’s it, you can read as many ARCs and 2019 releases as you want 😉 I am not sure if this will change your TBR or not, since you mention you might add books later.

    Having said that, I really like your own rules too, I think it will help you with your choices and towards your other challenges, so that’s great.

    I hope you have fun and manage to finish all of these! And, if it makes you feel any better, I also have a problem with the last books in series.

    Thanks so much for joining 🙂


    1. I will most likely keep the arcs/2019 releases rule in place as one of my own rules. I have 170+ books on my shelves most of which are part of various series and I need to start tackling them so I am going to be a bit strict on myself. While I am sure arcs and 2019 releases will slip into my other reading goals, I am using this challenge to knock my tbr shelf down to a reasonable size. I am very much looking to diving into one of the books as soon as I finish the Arc I am currently reading (need to finish it by Sunday eek)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I felt bad in case you wanted to read some and couldnt because of that, but it’s a good thing to narrow your list down. Again, I like your rules, I think that they have helped you a lot.

        Oh yay, you’re already starting! I cannot wait to discuss books with you. Is it okay if tomorrow I add these books in the spreadsheet?


  2. Ooh I love The Red Queen! Glad Anna’s said 2019 releases count too as I have Carval and Ink trilogies to buy 😁
    I’m definitely going to work on my backlist first though. Love this post, really should get mine sorted!

    Liked by 1 person

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