2019 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year!

2019 is now upon us so its time to set the Bookish based Goals for the year! 2018 was an amazing reading year for me – check out my year end wrap up – and I am hoping 2019 will be just the same. Therefore, I have set some goals to keep me reading but also to keep me working on this blog.

Reading Goals

1) Goodreads Goal 2019

I managed to read 101 books in 2018 so I am going to try and maintain that level, It seems a fairly manageable level when I combine my audio books and graphic novels with other reads. Therefore, I have set my Goodreads Challenge at 100 Books for the year.

2) Focus on finishing series #SeriesTF2019

I have to admit I am really bad for finishing any type of series. I never seem to read the last book in a series or watch the last episode of a TV show as once I have finished it, it is done and I know there will not be any more. But this year, I am going to finish them!

I have decided to join the year long TBR tackling challenge of Series to Finish 2019 to hopefully start ticking the series on my shelves off. Stay tuned for my TBR post soon.

3) Track my reading stats more efficiently

I love that Goodreads keeps track of pages etc and love having stats to report. I am a Scientist I love nothing better than a good statistic backed up by data so I have decided to actually collect various data points from my reading so I can make some beautiful graphs for my wrap ups. As who doesn’t love a nice info-graphic now and again?

To do this I am going to be using a modified to suit my personal needs version of Reader Voracious’ Book Blogger Spreedsheet (you can find the link to her version here and her instructions on how to modify it)

4) Focus on reading books I own (including kindle books).

I am aiming to clear my large TBR shelves which are sitting at about 150 unread books (that’s a rough count as it has been a few months since I last counted). I am hoping by reading more of my owned books it will also cut down my book buying. I am not enforcing any buying ban etc I just want to switch my focus to the books already on my shelves with those most anticipated reads of 2019 thrown in (Erin Morgenstern’s new book in November as an example of a pre-order I have already made).

I am aiming for overall books read to have been made up of at least 50% of books I currently own, 25% being books borrowed from my local library and I intend on reading my Fairyloot books the month after I receive them to prevent them piling up unread as they have previously.

5) Try a 10 book TBR each month

Leading on from the last goal I am stealing an idea of Riley from rmfickfack and I am going to set myself a ten book TBR each month in order to focus my reading. I have decided on the following construction. Each monthly TBR will consist of :

  • Last months Fairyloot book
  • At least one library book
  • at least one book from my Series to Finish TBR
  • at least one book from my ongoing blog projects

Any space left over can be filled with any ARCs, book club picks or just the books that take my fancy that month.

Blog Goals

1) Stick to my Posting Schedule

I have been trying to keep to my Wednesday, Friday, Sunday posting and while sometimes life gets in the way and that’s OK. I have found that more often than not I am just not keeping up with my reviews or posting new content or even planning posts in advance, leaving me scrambling for content at the last minute. I really would like to see my blog grow in 2019 so I am going to try and plan ahead and stick to my schedule.

2) Introduce new reviewing process

Speaking of keeping up with reviews, the down time over the holidays has allowed me time to really think about how I want to review books in 2019 and I have developed a set of criteria for me to make notes on but also to standardise my ratings. Keep an eye out for my post in the next few days that has all the details.

3) Start some new Blog projects

I am definitely continuing with my Agatha Christie back catalogue reading project and adding to it throughout 2019 but I also want to start some new projects both long and short. These will range from re-discovering some old favourites, diving into some of those extended series I have been too scared to start and counting down to exciting new releases etc. I also would like to do some more tags and maybe make one up myself.

I will be announcing one new project very soon. Also, I welcome any suggestions for projects, tags etc you would like to see me tackle.

I am also hoping to include more of my bullet journal posts in the future starting with my 2019 reading journal set up as well as possibly including my monthly set up in my TBR and Wrap-up.

What are your goals for the new year? are you setting a Goodreads goal? Are you participating in any year long challenges?

I would love to chat about all thinks bookish in the comments, on Goodread or Twitter.

Happy 2019 and Happy Reading!

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