Bookish Bullet Journal 2019

I have kept a bullet journal for over 3 years now. I swear I wouldn’t have survived my PhD without it. I use it for work projects as well as personal projects and it travels with me every day. I have found that over the years it has also became a reading journal where I track various stats as well as make notes on the books I am reading.

While I have trimmed down the number of pages dedicated to bookish stats this year, as I am tracking most of them in a spreadsheet (see my 2019 goals post for a link to the spread sheet I based mine on). I thought I would still share some of my key pages. Most of the pictures were taken before I started filling the spreads in but I have included a couple to show how I use them.

I really love the minimalist style so I don’t have the most artistic of books but I love how practical it is. I have found over the years these spreads have really worked for me. I currently have a Nuuna notebook with the Douglas Adam’s quote

I love deadlines I love the Whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

I think is the perfect quote for a bookish bullet journal! particularly for me, I have a million deadlines that really do whoosh by! I primarily use Muji 0.5 pens but I do have some mildliners and Faber Castel Pitt artist pens for a little flare. Each month usually has a two tone colour scheme and my reading sections is teal and grey! The pens for that months colour scheme are stored in the cute pen strap pictured. As my journal doesn’t have its own inbuilt elastic closure this has duel function of keeping my book closed in my bag but also keeping my pens at hand if i want to make notes on the go (i dont know the brand as it was a Christmas gift).

I always start and end my bookish sections with a creative space for me to decorate. For some years now I have been tracking my reading using homemade stickers of book covers I am reading. Its a fun way to add colour to my journal while also tracking all the books I have read!


The biggest thing I track in the bookish portion has to be my Goodreads Challenge. Its great for if I finish a book on the go, late at night or just when I cant be bothered logging on to Goodreads I can note down the details and go back to Goodreads later!


My decision to streamline my stats tracking has reduced this from serveral pages down to this single page. I intend to fill this with the number of books and pages I read, my average ratings, my favourite book of the month and any readathons I participated in so I can look at it all at a glance.

While this year I decided not to have a written TBR I do have a few trackers for up-coming releases, eArc I have received and and series I need to complete! I am hoping flicking past these pages will remind me to pull form these various shelves or keep me on top of my pre-orders.


As well as these year long logs I also track my reading at the monthly/weekly level. I have a page that contains my Ten Book TBR, my blog post schedule and I also track pages read per day on a graph. My Weeklies also utalise the homemade book stickers where I post a sticker with the number of pages I read that day.

point blur_jan162019_203452

Probably one of my most common spreads is my book review notes. I like to make one page for each book. I make notes on when I started and finished, number of pages, if I read it as part of a readathon/project, my ratings in both stars and my new ESCAPE system. I also make noted as I read in the Thoughts section and used them to compile notes for each section of ESCAPE which in turn I use to write my Review. I am  really enjoying how this works. its so easy to just grab my journal and jot down a thought or two as I read. It also allows me to come back and assess for my review later instead of struggling to remember what I loved/hated about the work. I have blurred the example above as it has spoilers but do check out my spoiler free review of The Binding!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What do you track?

Do you track your reading? How do you track it?

Are you interested to see more of my Bullet Journal? I could post a monthly spread – they mostly stay the same month to month, so I wouldn’t post a plan with me every month as it would get boring quickly.

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Reading!

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