My Perfect Library

I was tagged by the awesome Roxanne from An Average Life to describe my perfect library!

Oh this is a difficult task, I could dream for days about the size, location and contents. So this is what my heart has gone with for the moment.


Can I have a magic library? I am a city girl through and through, so part of me would want what I already have, a big bay window that looks out over the cobbled street onto the old Victorian park and houses still with their carriage lamps.  The other part of me loves being outside in a forest so part of my library would have to be located there. So maybe a section of my library can have a doorway leading out to a little forest with a little hide to snuggle up and read in. Definitely would have to be magic in some way to manage that request!



There has to be different selections of seating I think. I big cosy chair like the one i currently own is needed for the bay window. The hide in the forrest would just have to be filled with pillows and blankets to fling yourself down into a pile and read the stack of books you have snuck away with. I think a stylish armchair and footstool by the firsplace would be nice, I would also love a little nook in one of the shelves for hiding away in and a desk for bullet journaling and blogging!


I have no preference in wood type, just not too light in colour and not dark mahogany, a nice middle colour, possibly a light oak. Only specification is they will raise from floor to ceiling with brass fittings for organisation purposes and I want the library ladder! I would also want little display sections, in amongst the books, so I can display bookish goodies, and hang bookish art. In addition to the shelves there will be lots of little tables with my current reads and sticky tabs/ pens for annotating and bookmarks aplenty.


By Genre and alphabetical by author. Tall hardbacks, then paperbacks. I am not fussy about my book types most of what I like to read is only published in paperback here in the UK and I am fine with that. Of course all the shelves would be labeled using little brass fittings and nicely scripted paper tags. The books will all be stamped with my book-embosser (my parents got me one for Christmas and it is such fun to personalise my library- I must remember to post about it), and as I am a geek I will have a proper library computer system linked to all my stats so I can keep track of it all!


It has to be raining! I want the sounds of the rain hitting the window as a back drop to my reading. I also love the sound of rain through leaves so raining all the time. With the occasional thunderstorm. One of the things I miss about the time I lived in Ohio was the thunderstorms, I would sit out on my porch and read while thunder cracked and lightning flashed I loved it, my room mate thought I was insane!

There also has to be a crackling fire, for those cold wet nights when the wind is howling, a good fire and blankets and candles just that perfect cosy reading atmosphere.


As there are brass fittings on the bookshelves they should have brass down-lighter too but with a soft yellow light not a bright white so they just add pools of light to the shelves and knickknacks not much to the room itself. a couple of position able floor lamps that match the wood and brass too for reading by at night as during the day I would read by soft daylight peeking out from the rain clouds.


Books and a crackling fire, woody earthy scents and petricor!

Ok, so some of the features may be a bit outlandish, I am never going to get my city on one side forest on the other but I think I can work towards carving out the other sections. maybe when we eventually buy we can build my dream shelves in a room/nook and I can have parts of it. Both of us code for a living so the geeky computer side isn’t too far fetched either! I do live in Scotland the rain part is at least sorted and I do have a big chair in a bay window so I can’t complain about that.

If you want to check out Roxanne’s library it can be found here! Also please consider yourself tagged to tell me about your perfect library. Make sure to tag me when you post so I can share it!

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “My Perfect Library

    1. It’s such a difficult question, I kept thinking about all the real life and fictional libraries I love and kinda smooshed them together. I would definitely need a TARDIS like device to pull it off though even with all the money in the world. I can’t wait to read yours!


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