Biblio Fi and the TBR of Doom!

In the last two weeks of March I am participating in two readathons that focusing of finishing series and getting those sequels that have been languishing on your shelves read!

#SeriesTF2019 March Edition
18th -24th MArch

21st-31st March


There are no set challenges for #SeriesTF2019 other than to read through and finish series, I have a TBR of series I would like to complete in 2019 here. This readathon is more about encouraging you to read them through the Goodreads group or through twitter sprints via the Hashtag

Sequelathon has three challenges and a bonus which is just for fun! The challenges are:

1. Read the sequel you’ve been putting off the longest.
2. Continue with a series you started last year.
3. Complete a series.
BONUS: Give your tbr a fun sequel name – hence the title of this post!


I am keeping my TBR relatively short for both of these as I just want to have some fun and read some of the books I have had on my list for a while.

Sebastian De Castell

Started as part of my Re-readathon TBR and part of my ongoing Count down to Queenslayer challenge I am keen to finish this book and get my Thoughts on re-reading post to you before the end of the month. I will also be posting my delayed Thoughts on re-reading Shadowblack up soon!

The Vanishing Stair
Maureen Johnson

Series I started Last year

One of my most anticipated releases and I still haven’t made time for this! I have started it but put it down for re-readathon and its time to pick it back up.

Siege and Storm
Leigh Bardugo

Series I have been putting off the Longest

I don’t know why I put this off for so long, I finally tackled Shadow and Bone last month and had so much fun reading it! So I am going to keep going and keep on with this series.

Ruin and Rising
Leigh Bardugo

Finish a series

While I am at it, why not finish the series? I am hoping I can get to this but if i don’t I am sure I can squeeze it into my April TBR.

7 thoughts on “Biblio Fi and the TBR of Doom!

  1. The Grisha books are amazing! I reread them last year and just finished King of Scars today and I cannot recommend it more! (And I want to reread them again because of KOS!)


  2. These are great challenges! I have so many unfinished series that this is a yearly goal for me but I’m doing terrible so far this year haha. So many new books out… Good luck with the readathons!


    1. I know the number of new books this year is crazy, a lot of them are parts of series too so it’s encouraging me to finish off others too. You should think of joining #seriesTF2019 they are great encouragement and you can commit to as much or as little as you like.

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