Medieval-A-Thon TBR

Yes I know I am a glutton for punishment and I am participating in yet another readathon. I just can’t resist when the premise behind them are so interesting an fun. Like the Book Junkie Trials, the Medieval-a-thon is a month long readathon that sets out a quest for readers to follow.

It is created by Holly Hearts Books, the Medieval-A-Thon runs from

July 1st -31st

and revolves around raising your status in the court, collecting your armour and picking your weapons.


To raise your status you just have to read books. There are no set prompts, you just need to read! which makes this probably one of the easiest readathons I have participated in.

Peasant – one Book

Squire – two books

Knight – three Books

count/countess – four books

Prince/Princess – five books

King/Queen- six books


There are six pieces of armour to collect so you can reach the rank of monarch just by completing this set of reading prompts as well as having a very lovely set of armour!

crown – A Book where a character(s) fight for the throne

helmet – a book with a dragon on the cover

Breast plate – read a shiny book

Leggings – read a think paperback

boots – read a book that has yellowed over time

cape – Read a book with a red cover


There are four further weapons prompts, collect one or them all its up to you.

Sword – a book that has something pointy on the cover

daggers – a book with assassins

Bow – a book with Elves

Axe- a book with mercenaries


As I am also doing the Book Junkie Trials, a number of my books over lap as lets be relisting I usually read around 8-10 books a month so in order to cover as many prompts as possible in both readathons I am overlapping.

In Medieval-A-Thon I am aiming to raise to the status of Queen. So, I am trying to collect all of the armour and if I manage it i will pick up as many weapons that I can.


The Return of King Lillian
Suzie Plakson

This is an eARC I have that needs to be read and reviewed very early into July. It follows Lillian who was set to inherit her fathers crown until she was cast out, we follow her journey to regain her destiny. It sounds perfect for this prompt.


Naomi Novik

I have had this on my shelves for a while. I am glad i am resolved to finally get to this. I have heard a number of good things about it, especially the relationship between the main character and his dragon. This is also on my Book Junkie Trail TBR


The Flat Share
Beth O’Leary

Another one from my Bookie Trials TBR, it is out of my comfort zone by seems to be getting a lot of positive reviews. It also has a beautiful shiny cover!


Knight’s Shadow
Sebastien De Castell

Over the past year I have become a huge fan of De Castell’s writing. I have been focused on his YA series but i feel it is time i return to his adult series esp as he has stated that they take place in the same world, just differing continents.


Murder in Mesopotamia
Agatha Christie

I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s works and I am slowly and surely making my way through her works. I tend to buy then in charity shops when I find them meaning they tend to be well loved and quite yellowed when they make it to my shelves. This one is no different.


The Girl in Red
Christina Henry

I really enjoy Henry’s dark revellings and as this is the most recent and the one which happens to have a red cover, so this is the perfect excuse to pick it up.


Another of my Book Junkie Trail reads, it qualifies for this prompt as the prow on of the ship has not only a sword but a bow, all of which I think works perfectly for this prompt. I am not sure how I will feel about this one as it is extensively a historical romance fantasy but as it was a Fairyloot book and they have yet to do me wrong I will give it a go.


Jay Kristoff

I cannot be the only one reading this one this month. With the count down to Dark dawn upon us I am joining in with many reading groups as they read Nevernight in July (to tell the truth I have started this one as it is the first book in the Book Junkie Trials but as I wont finish it till January officially begins I am counting it.


The Bookie Grail in the Book Junkie Trials this is another prompt I will definitely be ticking off my list. I may be stretching it a bit here, I haven’t read this one before but when googling a review stated “plotting elf-lords” so I am counting it.


One fine Day in the Middle of the Night
Christopher Brookmyre

Again an obscure one but this one at least very much so covers the prompt. this is a book I haven’t read for a very long time yet it was one of my favourites. The opening scene is of merc’s in a feild in Scotland waiting for orders about the next mysterious job they are being sent on. It is filled with some very dark humour and takes place on a renovated oil-rig platform of all places. This could also have been my yellowing book as I have owned it for years!

So I have a busy month a head of me – as well as some planning for the N.E.W.Ts next month and an ARC or two I need to finish I am hoping i can get to all 10 of these lovelies.

Are you participating in the Medieval-a-thon? What prompts are you attempting? Are you also attempting the Book Junkie Trials along side it? I would love to know what you are reading in July and to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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