Back from unplanned Hiatus -Kittens!

So those that know my regular posting schedule may have noticed I have not posted for over a week, despite having a number of ARCs to review. This is because I have been kept rather busy and distracted over the last week that I just haven’t had a chance to sit down with my laptop to write any of the posts I had planned.

Last Saturday these two cute little trouble makers, found their forever home with my husband and I.

They are truly distracting with how sweet, playful and snuggly they are. The combination of them and the International Fringe Festival here in Edinburgh, which attracts a number of friends and family to visit, have kept me extremely busy. Therefore, I just couldn’t find the time to sit and plan, write and format any blog posts.

So introductions should be made! They are just over seven weeks old, and even though they are from separate litters they were brought up together at the rescues kitten room.

The White with black splodges in Mogget. For frequent visitors to my blog you will know that I adored Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy and that by far Mogget was my favourite sassy talking cat. So when this tiny little white cat approached my husband for tickles in the kitten room we knew it was kismet and that he had to come home with us and had to be called Mogget. He is such a snuggler and just as chatty as his namesake.

Our little black kitten is also named after a bookish kitty. For anyone in Edinburgh you are probably familiar with Maisie of Morningside.

Maisie of Morningside by Aileen Paterson

Maisie McKenzie is an Edinburgh based cartoon cat by Aileen Paterson that I read constantly during my childhood. She was Adventurous and egar to learn and our Maisie is exactly the same. She was the first to find her way up onto the couch for cuddle and leads the way as Mogget follows. While she looks black as night in photos, in the sun she has lovely little ginger tiger stripes to her fur, which makes her look a little like her namesake.

It’s safe to say we are utterly in love with them, and there will most likely be more kitten pictures on my blog. Thankfully, I have another full week off work where I can try and catch up on all my reviews and hopefully find some fun Tags to do as well. If there are any tags you would like to suggest I would be very grateful!

Thank you for reading my blog and for your patience when I just randomly stop posting, and a big Hello from Maisie and Mogget!

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