Back in Business – Blogmas

A little bit of a Life update for those that are interested. You might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a whole month. That’s because I have been participating in Nanowrimo! I decided to put the blog on hiatus as attempted to write a novel.

I sadly did not win Nanowrimo but I made some great headway in a couple of projects one of which I am extremely excited about and will continue to work on just at a slower pace. I originally started writing a Sci-Fi Murder Mystery, think Agatha Christie in space, I managed 27,000 words of that project but I just wasn’t feeling it. This was a complete discovery write for me, it was not the book I had planned to write in October. That idea completely fell apart on the first day, instead i just sat an wrote what came to mind. However after about 17 days straight of writing I just found I was pushing the characters around and that nothing much was happening. They lost all their personality and just became blank chess pieces that I was moving from this place to that. I wasn’t happy with this, so I decided to put that project back in its shelf till I can rediscover who the characters are.

All through this month, another idea started building itself slowly in the back of my mind. I kept making notes, little snippets of dialogue, descriptions of locations, characters pushed there way forwards to tell me who they are and what they were doing in this world. I have over 10000 words of descriptions of the world, three interweaving plot lines and chunks of scenes along those lines. I adore this project and I am not going to say anything about it other than at them moment it is a standalone fantasy. This is one I am going to take forward.

Before attempting Nanowrimo, I didn’t think I could invent stories. I just didn’t think my creative brain worked in that way. I would tell myself it was something I just couldn’t do. This has shown me that I can, that if I just run with my story ideas something will come of them. My draft may not be amazing but I have put those words down which is a big step in itself. I have also learned that I am ok and discovery writing but that in order to keep momentum going I probably need a rough outline to refer back to and keep me on track.

The biggest thing that came out of Nanowrimo for me was the habit building. I have wrote something every day this month. Even if it was just a couple of hundred words of world building it was something out on the page. I want to keep this up. You will probably hear more about this near the end of December.

Speaking of December I am participating in Blogmas!

I will be attempting to post lots of different content on the run up to Christmas. I have posts on Tags, TBRs, Reviews and Readathons planned. I also have my usual run up to the new year planned as well so that’s 31 days of posts!

Are you doing Blogmas this year? Are you participating in any December readathons? Are there any tags you would like me to do? Send me your links below so I can follow along!

I hope you enjoy the Festive season and Happy Reading!

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