Magical Readathon Winter 2019 – Week 1

Yes, there is another magical readathon and yes I am participating! G has out done herself yet again by producing an awesome choose your own adventure. You can read about the whole event and the past readathons on the new Magical readathon website

This year’s winter readathon is a bit different from last year. It is focusing on Harry’s 2nd year at Hogwarts and we are on a month long quest to save Ginny! Each week the next part of the adventure unlocks and depending on what actions you choose will determine what prompts you receive. You can receive between 1-3 prompts per week. I will be writing up a weekly TBR where I will describe my path through the story.

Let the Adventure begin!

Dobby appeared in my bedroom while I was trying to do my homework. I am trying to keep quiet otherwise the Dursley’s will really be mad! Dobby has been stealing my letters and doesn’t want me to go back to Hogwarts! I have to keep him quiet so

I Lie To Dobby Promising Him I won’t Go back To Hogwarts

The summer passes me by and while I miss my friends i can now read their letters. Eventually the Dursley’s take me to London where and I am finally back in the magical world in Diagon Ally.

I Head Straight to my Favourite Store Flourish and Blotts

I have to read a book I acquired recently

The book shop is busy Gilderoy Lockheart is doing a book signing but I am not very interested, I just want to get my schoolbooks and leave. But then I notice Malfoy he is being suspicious (but when is he not being suspicious) I don’t know what to do. I could just get my school books and get a head start on next year but something is telling me Malfoy is plotting something.

I Roll my Eyes and Pay for my Books.

I go back to Hogwarts tomorrow I need to make a start on my reading! Malfoy is always scheming and plotting and I know I saw his dad around here somewhere I am sure he wont do anything with Mr Malfoy present.

AH so much fun. the decisions were so difficult at times so I just went for my gut. This is the perfect prompt for me as the last book I have received was my Illumicrate special addition of

The Starless sea
Erin Morgenstern

This is one of my most anticipated books of 2019 but I haven’t had tome to read it yet I am diving straight in!

Are you participating in the Winter magical readathon? What prompt did you get? What have you choosen to read.

Happy Reading!

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