Magical Readathon Winter 2019 – Week 3

Week 2 of the magical readathon is here and you can find all the magical information and promts on G’s website below:

If you want to know my journey so far you can find the first chapter here followed by the second chapter here!


We are back at Hogwarts! The first day of classes are upon us and I am eager to see what is on my timetable, but first I need a hearty breakfast to see me though the day. The tables in the Great hall are loaded with food. So much to choose from but eventually I decide to go for toast with eggs, sausages and bacon. A big breakfast to see me though the long day! Eventually, the timetables are handed out. I have Herbology first.

As the weeks pass everyone is gossiping about the new Duelling Club that has been set up. I know I should be going to Quiddich practice but it might be handy to know a bit of duelling especially with Malfoy skulking around.

I go to Duelling club with Ron and Hermione.

Read a book with a pink or purple cover

I am picked first to duel Malfoy in front of the class. I can’t let him get the better of me so I cast the spell I am most confident with. EXPELLIAMUS! It works perfectly disarming Malfoy and annoying Snape in one flick of the wand! The club was really fun! And still left enough time to get my essay for prof Binns finished before dinner.

As I am walking to the great hall I can hear something. A soft eerie voice repeating ‘Time to kill” over and over again. I can see something shining in the hall ahead and stumble upon Mrs Norris hanging on the wall with a gruesome message scrawled beside her.

Enemies of the heir beware!

Things are getting dark at Hogwarts.

What I am Reading

This was a difficult one as there are not many pink/purple books on my Shelves let along my December TBR. But There is one!

Into the Crooked Place 
Alexandra Christo

The cover I have is a pinky red colour while the original is purple. So I am counting it!

I still have a little bit of last weeks challenge to finish so hopefully i cant catch up soon and start reading this asap!

Are you participating in the Winter magical readathon? What prompt did you get? What have you choosen to read.

Happy Reading!

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