My 2019 Wrap up – Fi’s Favourites

Every year Goodreads kindly produces a lovely little stats graphic of the books you have read have recorded as read and various different breakdowns, its a really nice way to round out the year and reflect on the amazing, the good and the just O.K reads I have encountered though-out 2019. I love a good statistic and while I was a bit lax in my stats calculations in the later part of 2019 I am hoping I can keep up with them a bit better in 2020.


Note: I have included my current read (Christmas Present by Jodi Taylor) in this list, marking it as finished a bit earlier, as at time of writing I have 4 hours to read 41 pages, so I think it can be done.

It has been the most amazing reading year for me! My commute helps a lot! I have managed to read a vast number of books this year. I participated in some amazing and creative readathons from the Bookie Trials, the various Magical Readathons, Tome Topple and more. I got chatting with some awesome people and even have some buddy reads set up.

I like participating in the Goodreads Challenge every year, I like it as a personal goal, I don’t see it as a competition but more a nice way for me to measure what I have been reading in a given year and how my time was spent. This year I set it at 100 books. I had managed to achieve 101 books last year and I wanted to see if I could keep that level. I am amazed at how many I managed to actually read!


Books: 130

Pages: 39,492

Average Rating: 3.9

Average Book Length: 305

The Stats

For those interested i have included my breakdowns of Intended Audience, No books per month, Genres, Star Ratings breakdown and Format.

There are some please take surprises in it all. Despite my average rating being 3.9 on Goodreads, 5 Star was my most popular rating on my personal spreadsheet. And that apart from paperback there was a somewhat even spread in formats, including ARCs. I also so a swing towards more General Audience titles of YA titles that dominated last year. There is no surprise that Fantasy and Sci-fi dominated the genres read, but a couple of cheeky contemporaries snuck there way in.

If you would like the full breakdown of my Goodreads year in books and see all 130 book I read you can check them out in the link below!


2019 was also the year I got to meet some of my Favourite Authors including but not limited to:

Leigh Bardugo
Jay Kristoff
Erin Morgenstern
Garth Nix
V.E Schwab (again)

Which vastly increased my signed book collection! I always feel so privileged to live in a city that often attracts such awesome authors and I am glad I got to attend so many of these events.

MY 19 Favourite BOOKS of 2019

I just couldn’t decide on my favourite reads of the year! So I decided to pick the top 19 books I enjoyed during 2019. These are the books or series have have stuck with me. Most of them were 5 star reads but as I was reviewing my thoughts some of the 4 star reads that have persisted in my thoughts have made it to the list.

I will say the highest rated by my ESCAPE system were The Ten Thousand Door of January by Alix E. Harrow and The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, both receiving 57/60. I was lucky enough to receive an EARC of The Ten Thousand Doors of January and I have a full review here. I have yet to write a review for The Starless Sea as I just can’t get my feelings out on paper. I keep going back to sections and re-reading and I think a re-read will be needed to allow me to be objective in my review.

If I had to pick one book I haven’t managed to get out of my head it has to be This is how you Lose the Time War! It was just a beautiful read and I think I will go back to re-read when I can. I have a review here!

How did your reading year go? Did you meet your reading goals?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading in 2020!

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