2020 Goals


It’s 2020! I love the start of a new year. It feels like a clean slate, a fresh page to start filling up with all the awesome! I have decided that 2020 is the year I am going to set some proper personal goals and try and build good habits. This includes new writing goals which I have never done before. Therefore, I am being slightly easier on myself this year with my reading and blog goals, slightly!



In 2019 I read 130 books. I am overjoyed by that number, especially as I basically didn’t read in November due to Nanowrimo. Due to wanting to focus on trying to plan and write my novel this year I am not going to up my Goodreads goal. I am sticking to my goal of 100 books for this year.

This is just under 2 books a week, which I think is achievable. I am hoping that I will continue to participate in various readathons throughout the year. They really spur on my reading, they make me think about the books I am reaching for but also keep me in touch with the community. I get to meet some awesome people.


I have rearranged my shelves by Genre and have assessed my current unread TBR on my shelves. I have a total of

242 Books

That I haven’t read or I want to re-read. That is a lot of books to choose from! Therefore, I have devised a new TBR game based on the games of Becca from Becca and the Books and Jade from Jadeyraereads, which I will be posting about very shortly! This should see me reading choosing a minimum 72 of the books off of my shelves.

3)  keep up with my ARCs

I have been so fortunate to be granted access to 35 ARC over the course of 2019 – some of these I have been rather lax in keeping up with. I have quite a few of those 35 which are due for release in 2020 and I want to keep up with them and make sure I have my reviews up in time.

Blog Goals

As well as keeping up with my ARCs and my reviews for them I want to try and make some changes to my blog.

1) Changing my post Schedule

I somewhat lost my way with my posting schedule towards the end of the year. So for 2020 I want to give myself more relaxed schedule. I intend on posting Tuesdays and Sundays with occasional Thursday posts, when I have a number of reviews. I am also going to change the content.

I will be introducing my TBR game, I will still be doing my monthly wrap ups with new and improved statistics, ARC reviews and reviews. I am also thinking I might post some writing updates, once I get started on that project.

2) Write more Reviews

I want to try and review almost everything I read. Previously I have not posted a written review for every book I read. I want to change this and start writing at least a mini review for everything I read. Therefore I am hoping I will have 100 reviews by the end of the year. This includes both on my blog and Goodreads.


I want to try and engage more with other Bookbloggers. I am not quiet sure how to go about this at them moment (as making friends as an adult is strangely complex) but I am hoping by the end of the year I can establish a nice friend group within the community. I would love to hear from you if you have a blog and would like to collaborate, or just chat about books.


1) outline, research and start writing

I participated in but did not win NaNoWriMo 2019, out was so much fun and it opened my eyes to a creative side I didn’t know I had. While I got 30,000 words into that project I wasn’t happy where it was going but during November and December I started developing an idea I am very excited about. So I have decided to embark on the daunting task of writing a novel!

I intend on generating smaller goals every quarter, I will have a post on my first goals shortly, if anyone would like me to?. I am hoping to join in on some of the writing community on Twitter as well.

2) Participate in NaNowrimo 2020

I loved doing Nano even if it was quiet trying and stressful. I learnt that while I can discover my way through a story I would be much better with a plan. I am hoping by November I will have a solid outline and I can win Nano.

3) Have a first draft by 31/12/2020

This is my out of the box goal. I would love to be able to type “THE END” on my first draft by the end of 2020 so I can start draft two in 2021. This is the first novel I will ever be attempting and I know the first draft will be terrible. I have written a couple of Scientific Thesis and a number of papers and I know I can write if i just sit down and do it. So I am challenging myself to have draft one done by this time next year!

I have made 2020 a very busy year for myself but I love being busy. I have a couple of other personal goals which I may talk a bout at a later date, but they are not bookish related so I have not included them here.

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? Are you doing a Goodreads challenge? Do you have any other Reading Goals?

Happy 2020 and Happy Reading!

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