My 2020 TBR Game

As I said in my 2020 Reading Goals post I want to try and conquer my owned TBR. I currently own


I want to read or re-read. Therefore, I have devised a TBR game to help me tackle them and encourage me to choose reads from my shelves over new additions. It will hopefully reduce the number of new additions I make until I have started to make a dent in the number.

Taking influence from the games of Becca from Becca and the Books and Jade from Jadeyraereads, which I love watching every month. I dug out a dice I received as part of a Harry potter trivial pursuit questions game, the pie and the pie pieces and set to work reorganising my TBR shelves, marking all the books I want to read/re-read (sooner rather than later) on them.

The Dice has six colours that represent the six categories I have broken my TBR down into. As follows:

The DiCE Key



Graphic Novels / Other

The majority of the Books I have on my shelves fall into the Fantasy and Sci-Fi sections which is why I have split them further by YA/Middlegrade versus Adult works.

How the Game will Work

At the beginning of each month I will do the following steps:

Roll the DICE

I will repeat this till I have a six book TBR all chosen from my shelves. I decided to do this method over a TBR jar as it gives me the freedom to mood read. I also think six is a nice number as it gives me freedom to keep up with ARCs, new releases and to do readathons.

I have decided there will be consequences for not completing my TBR. If I do not read a combination of 6 books from my TBR shelves I will allow myself to roll over the books to the next month. If I have not completed them within two months I will have to unhaul the same amount.

January TBR

What I am Reading


The Bone Season
Samantha Shannon

This will be a re-read for me, but if i am honest it has been 3 years since I have read it and I can’t remember what happened. I also have the other two in the series on my shelves so hopefully i can finish them before the fourth comes out.


Crooked Kingdom
Leigh Bardugo

I was hoping to finish out this series last year but just didn’t find the time. I really enjoyed Six of crows and with the Netflix show now filming and I think it is about time I finish this and move on to King of Scars.


Brandon Sanderson

I loved Skyward when I read it last year, it was only the second Sanderson book I had read and I am hoping I can read more of his work this year, though they are intimidating. So, I will start with this one.


Gideon the Ninth
Tamsyn Muir

Again another one that was high on last years TBR that I never managed to get to. I have heard great things about the book but mixed things about the author so I am going to reserve judgement until after i have read it.


Sad Cypress
Agatha Chrsitie

There is nothing like a good Poirot mystery to start the year off. I can usually finish a Christie mystery in an evening and its always enjoyable. I am sure this one will be no different.


The Last of August
Brittany Cavallero

Another one where I adored the first book in the series, immediately bought the second book and then never actually read it. i need to stop doing that. I am hoping to enjoy this one as much as the first.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “My 2020 TBR Game

  1. OOhhhhh! This is such a good idea! I think I might work out something like this when I get back to France and finally set up my bookcases because I have so many books to read and they are just not getting read! Great post! xx

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