Sunday by my Shelf – 7/6/2020

Its time for another Sunday by my shelf! Its also been two weeks since my last check in. In my last post I talked about some of the unread standalones on my shelf.

 Sunday by my shelf is a feature I started, which makes me really focus on the books I own, highlighting those that have been sitting unread for a while and reminding me to try and get to them soon. I am being easier on myself in June and taking my time with some books that I have really been wanting to get to but haven’t managed to fit into a TBR. And despite having a couple of slump days I have also enjoyed what I have been reading. One of the best ways I find for getting out to a reading slump is actually this weeks topic!

This weeks topic is :

Books ON MY SHELF I want to Re-read.

There is always something comforting about revisiting a favourite. Wither is just a picking up a favourite book or re-reading the a series to catch up for the next book release that is just relaxing about going back to worlds you know well, with the characters you love.

Old Man’s War Series
John Scalzi

This series is one of my all time favourites. In fact i have owned two copies of the first book in the series as I re-read my original copy so much it fell apart! I have not read the series in a good few years now. I really love Scalzi’s humour and I like how a lot of his work focuses on what makes us human, musings on human conscience, and with strong and dynamic characters and interesting alien races this space opera is such a fun read.

The River’s of London Series
Ben Aaronavich

Again one of those series that I just cant help but love. its one of those it has something for everyone, police procedural, magical institutes, sassy MC, diverse characters. The audiobooks have the most amazing narrator and with the combination of 7 novels, two novellas and 7 graphic novels there are is a lot of reading there in any format that takes my fancy.

The Old Kingdom Series
Garth Nix

There is no secret I love this series, I named one of my cats after the one of the characters but again it has been a while since I have read them. Its one of those series I enjoy returning to. Again it has a great audiobook.

The Chronicles of St Mary’s
Jodi Taylor

I haven’t even finished reading all 10 books available in this series and there is also the spin off series but I love this so much that I really really want to go back and read from the beginning again. This series is furiously paced and each book is like binging a whole series on netflix where you just cant stop going. I just want to read it over and over again.

The Night Circus and The Starless Sea
The works of Erin Morgerstern

I have returned to the Circus many many times. It probably is the single most read book on my shelves. When every I need to escape i dive into the circus and stay there for a while. Now i think the Starless sea will also be visited often.

So that is the books I need to return too . Are there any of them I should pick up sooner rather than later? Are any of these in your favourite books pile? Are there any you want to read?

Please feel free to join in with this series. A new prompt will run every two weeks the next prompts is:

21st June – Incomplete series on my shelves – what I am eagerly awaiting.

If you do join in and post any of these please link back so I can read them. I would love to explore what is one your shelves. Also if there are any prompts you would like to see drop them in the comments and I can add them to the list.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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