September TBR – BookoplAthon

September is the Month for books with what seems like thousands hitting the shelves in the next few weeks (600+ on the 3rd alone) and while I got a lot of reading done in August I still have not finished all the ARCs and Blog Tour books I have over the month of September. Therefore, I am being a bit more relaxed with my TBR and allowing myself to focus on these books and not try and cram as much into my month.

That being said I am still going to participate in Becca’s BookoplAthon! I cant seem to pass up a good readathon and this month long version just seems the relaxed sort of readathon I need to get all my reading done. The Readathon is run by Becca from Becca and the books and follows her monthly TBR game Bookoploy! She has made a special readathon version of the board for this readathon and you can pick the number of rolls you want to do to suit your own reading. The full details of the readathon can be found on Twitter and Becca’s Youtube channel

I decided to go for 6 dice rolls, That is about half of what I usually read in a month and I thought it would allow for me to account for any doubles and still fit in all the ARCs, blogtour and buddy reads.

Roll 1

Dice 1 = 5, Dice 2 = 1 – Total = 6
A Dark Cover

The Left-handed Booksellers of London
Garth Nix


I have been excitedly waiting for this book since i heard Garth Nix talk about it in conversation with V,E, Schwab at the Angel Mage launch last year! I am a huge Garth Nix fan having named one of my cats after one of his characters and you know I am a fan of urban fantasy set in London too! Combine this with a twist on English myth and legend and I am sold! I could have screamed when I got accepted for the eARC!

Roll 2

Dice 1 = 2, Dice 2 = 6 – Total = 8

Cinderella is Dead
Kalynn Bayron

I started this in August, it was the group book for the Tropical Readathon, I got two chapters in but then had to focus on some ARCs and a blog tour for early september and never finished it. I was really loving the twist on the happily ever after Cinderella story and how Bayron had built her world around that and I really can’t wait to read more! I have read so many positive reviews of this one and from the beginning I could tell it was going to be a really fun read! I am looking forward to picking it back up again

Roll 3

Dice 1 = 5, Dice 2 = 5 – Total = 10 (Double – plus 1 roll)
A Sequal

Dead Man in a Ditch
Luke Arnold

The Fetch Philips Archives #2


One of my favourite reads this year was the first in the series, The Last Smile in Sunder City (read my review here), and I have been eagerly awaiting the second book and again was so excited when I got approved for the eARC. It was another one that was on my TBR in August but I didn’t get start.

Roll 4

Dice 1 = 5, Dice 2 = 2 – Total = 7
Set in the Past

Clockwork Prince
Cassandra Clare

Infernal Devices #2

Ellie and I are continuing out Shadowhunter Saturdays with the second book in the Infernal devices. We both enjoyed Clockwork Angel but that cliffhanger! We both really want to know what will happen in this one. Our next Shadowhunter Saturday is the 12th of September where you will be able to find out what we thought of this book.

Roll 5

Dice 1 = 5, Dice 2 = 6 – Total = 11
Community Shelf Card – Read a Five Star Prediction!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
V.E. Schwab


I knew as soon as I pulled the five star prediction card what book i would pick. I could have screamed when I got approved for the eARC of this much anticipated read. I am planning on finishing and reviewing it before its release in Early October and it was perfect that I could fit it into this TBR. I really have been looking forward to this one, V.E. Schwab has been talking about this for some time and it just sounds so interesting! if it wasn’t for all the other ARCs on my TBR I would have jumped straight into this as soon as i got approved.

Roll 6

Dice 1 = 2, Dice 2 = 1 – Total = 3
A Translated Book

Before the Coffee Gets Cold
Toshikazu Kawaguchi


I got this as an eARC some time ago and really enjoyed it. I am hoping I can reread this. I really do like the premise of the time travelling cafe and people seeking to fix small points in their history. The second book is also out this month.

Extra Roll

Dice 1 = 5, Dice 2 = 1 – Total = 6

Prime Deceptions
Valerie Valdes

Chilling effect #2


Another August Arc that I didn’t manage to get to in my overly ambitious August TBR. I had to finish the first book in the series so focused my time on that so i could then pick up this one fresh. Hopefully both will be finished in time for my review at the end of september.

Some more ARCs and Blog Tour books i will need to fit in during September! I have two Blog Tours with The Write Reads this month for First of Shadows by Deck Matthews and May Day by Josie Jaffrey and then in early October I am part of the Viking Books tour for Richard Osman’s debut novel The Thursday Murder Club.

I also have some October eARCs I would like to get ahead on including a highly anticipated read The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow. I also have Dark Blade and Dart Art by Steve Feasey with Dark Art releasing in October.

As we will be finishing Clockwork Prince by the 12th, Ellie and I will also be reading Clockwork Princess in September with the Shadow Hunter Saturday for that book Scheduled for the 3rd of October! The only other Group book I have is this months pick for Middle Grade Marvels and that is The keeper Of the Lost cities by Shannon Messenger, this one is a bit of a chunky one but do have the audiobook for this one!

So that is my September TBR. Its probably still to overly ambitious but fingers crossed. Keep an eye out on my blog it is going to be a very busy month for ARC reviews with lots of exciting new books this month and I have lots of fun tours and reviews going live throughout the whole month.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “September TBR – BookoplAthon

  1. Amazing TBR!! I hope you get to read all of them and I’m excited for our buddy reads! As soon as I’ve finished my current ARC I’m going to be jumping into Clockwork Prince 😃 good luck, can’t wait for all your thoughts!!

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  2. Awesome TBR! I have requested ARCs for The Left-handed Booksellers and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue from NetGalley, but they weren’t actually available so all I could do was wish for it. Have you ever done that and were you granted your wish?

    Liked by 1 person

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