Mini Review – A Whisper in the Dark


Author: Jessi Elliott and K.J. Sutton

Series: Charlie Travesty #1

3 stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

From Goodreads: A city ruled by vampires. A disgraced princess. A world underground.

Charlotte Travesty lives in a world of comfort. Glittering nightclubs, a lavish mansion, and a staff of humans at her beck and call. Being a royal vampire means her future is secured—all she has to do is get through the Awakening, an ancient ceremony every vampire experiences when they come of age.

But when her Awakening arrives at last, everything changes in one terrifying instant.

Cast from her home and rejected by the royal family, Charlie is forced into a life of fear and brutality. Where creatures called weepers live below the city, kept at bay by an unlucky sector of fighters enslaved by the very king who cast her out. Charlie now finds herself among the ranks.

She soon learns that weepers aren’t all she needs to fear in her new life. Other workers are dying in the tunnels below ground. Charlie knows that if she’s going to survive, she must form alliances with the very humans that despise her. But will she win their trust in time? Or will she die in the very darkness she was born to rule?

My Thoughts

Not my usual type of read but it’s nice to break out of your comfort zone now and again and pick up something you wouldn’t usually be drawn to. I picked up this volume as I was participating in the 48 hour Becca’s Bookopol-athon in July and wanted a quick read that would fill the paranormal prompt. Becca had previously recommended this series and I though i would give it a go.

It was rather enjoyable. Not fantastic and prone to falling into some rather obvious cliches but the world building was really interesting even if the plot was rather predictable. I didn’t find myself overly drawn to any of the characters or the hint of romance for that matter but it was interesting enough to keep me reading. If you are a fan of vampires and looking for an interesting take of a vampire lead distopia this might be a novella series for you.

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Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Mini Review – A Whisper in the Dark

  1. I love the cover and the blurb sounds promising.
    Also, I love your Mini Reviews section 😁
    I usually like vampire stories and I don’t think I’ve read one in a dystopian setting, so I might check this out when my TBR thins out a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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