Mini Review – The Necessary Arthur

Title: The Necessary Arthur

Author: Garth Nix

4 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

The Necessary Arthur, a Original, is a delightful science fantasy novelette from international bestselling author Garth Nix.

Some days you find out that the world is nothing like what you think it is.

An archaeologist named Tamara working near Hadrian’s Wall is approached by a very annoyed-looking, silver-haired woman with an incomprehensible message: The game is moving on, the time has come to play a hand, and Tamara is on point. Time to find the Necessary Arthur and get down to business!

My Thoughts

A micro-review instead of a mini review for a little stand alone short that really captures the imagination. I love Garth Nix’s writing so will happily pick up anything he produces. I really like his short fiction too as they really give you this great snapshot of exciting worlds and storylines that will make you wish there was a full series you could pick up. The Necessary Arthur is no different. It hints at a curious Sci-fi-esq take on the Arthurian legends, that really goes outside the box. I honestly would happily read a whole book around these characters, the magic system and to delve deeper into why this Arthur. Nix gives you just enough of all of these to leave you satisfied and excited while also sparking the imagination of all the places it could go next. If you have a spare half hour and want a fun escape I would grab this.

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Happy Reading!

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